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  1. A little bit of an update.... since the first time I was wrote this post, I was kinda slacking on the aspirin. I didn't take it as often and the redness and slight small bumps started coming back. So, I took it for 4 days straight and I cleared up again. Yeah, I have been thinking about the consequences to my stomache and I am concerned about that over a long term period. I guess I'm not sure what to do with this. If I stop I'm pretty sure it'll come back. I'm not sure what I'm going to be doin
  2. Well like I said it's been going good for 2 months. I was concerned about the aspirin too, but I only take 1/2 a regular aspirin per day. Usually I take it for 2 or days straight and then I skip a day (more or less). I guess you can take 2 Baby aspirins. I'm not totally consistent. I usually take them with a meal so that hopefully it won't irritate my stomache. If the bad acne/redness returns I will update on that. If everything keeps going smoothly I will not update. I just wanted to tell peo
  3. This is not a complete cure story. But I have been suffering with acne for many many years now. Mostly I would get cystic bumps and white heads on my chin. Also, I had this redness on my cheeks that always made it seem like I was on the verge of a breakout (it wasn’t very bumpy, but it wasn’t smooth either) and had gotten worse this year. I tried oil-free creams, mineral make-ups, avoiding certain foods, burdock root capsules, the benzly regime, green tea capsules, etc. And nothi