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  1. Ronaldo11, Congrats on finding YOUR cure. I emphasize "YOUR" because, like a lot of people have mentioned, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. I dont think it's fair that you're so quick to call us igronant if we don't believe in your cure. Sure we believe...we believe it works for YOU. Just not everyone. I tried proactive, twice, by the rules, no laziness. It was TOO HARSH for me. My skin burned and flared up with more pimples. How dare you call us ignorant and lazy. We are all in the same boat, b
  2. Im sorry i dont have any answers to your questions, but I wanted to ask you a question. How badly did you break out when you first started on Tazorac? When did you begin to see results? I've been on it for about 3 weeks, and sometimes I feel like it's working then one day I break out terribly, then the next day the pimples start to go away. Then I break out again. I hope I am not left with a bunch of red marks. Anyway, I appreciate your input.
  3. With tazorac, I use the moisturizer first but only in sensative areas like under my eyes , in between my eybrows, etc, otherwise my face will peel like crazy. Then I put the tazorac on the "affected areas" I find that if you put this med on first then moisturize, you will get it mixed with the moisturizer and get it in sensative areas. This method works well with me.
  4. Sunnychic, How long have you been using Benzaclin and Tazorac? I have been on it for like 3 weeks, but am still breakin out. Not so bad, but I am wondering how long it took you to get clear. I see results, but I am not clear yet. Also, how bad was your acne? thanks!
  5. I wax my eyebrows at a salon. It's the best thing ever! It doesnt hurt as much as youd think, they leave them so perfect...I could never leave them that way. But man, they get EVERY last baby hair. It works for me!
  6. I have been using benzaclin for about 3 wks now and that awful redness and peeling happened to me too. What I did is I gave my face a break from it for one day. I couldnt stand the itch and peeling! That day I moistorized with Purpose oil free/fragrance free + spf 15 face lotion the entire day. It worked great! The next day the peeling was gone and I just started all over again. Not going crazy on the Benzaclin this time! Just a thin layer, like they say. I guess we all just get eager an
  7. Hi, I have used tazorac for a couple of weeks (every night) and it does wonders for my acne. I usually get pimples that last forever, but with tazorac they come and go in one day, no kidding. It's litterally cleaning everything out. I dont know how it could possibly work while you are only using it once a week. I have used Vitamin E oil thousands of times hoping itll eventually work...nothing with that. I have fair skin, so my pimples can be quite bright. The tazorac has made my face a litt
  8. Thanks everyone, but guess what I already got the medications before I checked back here. My insurance covers prescriptions so it doesnt cost me anything. See, when I went to see my derm I had been on the regimen like one day so I didnt know how well it would work. I have been on the regimen for over one week and my face is really stinging at this point. Im so damn sensitive! I need a moisturizer that is OIL FREE, FRAGRANCE FREE, HAS SPF, AND ACTUALLY MOISTURIZES. Anything I try just sting
  9. I havent tried Facefinity, but other Max Factor products always seemed to make me break out, they are quite heavy (the ones Ive tried). I currently use Cover Girl Fresh Look. It is oil and fragrance free. It feels very light and covers well. I am a sucker for trying all new makeups, but I always go back to cover girl. It's defenitely the lightest feeling makeup with good coverage I have tried.
  10. I just started Dan's Regimen about one week ago, and it is truly unbelivable. I have not gotten any new pimles since (which is the unbelivable part!) and my current pimples have gone down in swelling almost completely. I am truly amazed. Here's my dilemma: My Doc just prescribed Benzaclin (mornings) and Tazorac (nights). Should I used these meds instead of the OTC BP? I dont want to ruin a good thing. I have heard that you break out with Tazorac before seeing any results. I havent picked
  11. I bought proactiv when I was 19, used it for about two months, and my face became so sensative from it. I was peeling and breaking out on top of that from the irritation. It was way too harsh. A few years passed, and their commercial came on TV, it's so DAMN convincing, I hate them for it. GUESS WHAT! I bought it AGAIN!!! #-o I mean it worked for everyone on the commercial right? I figured I must have been doing something wrong. This time I made sure I used it EXACTLY how they say. THE