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  1. Ordered a bottle of treatment last Friday on 2/4/11 and wasn't expecting it to come in for another week until next Friday. Out of nowhere, the very next business day, Monday afternoon 2/7/11, I get a knock at my door and my bottle of treatment arrived. I've ordered from Dan several times and it usually takes about 6 business days since i'm all the way in Tennessee. I didn't pay extra for shipping or anything
  2. Ok ive made a few topics already and today is the last straw I woke up and another 2 more pimples ...Its all in teh same spot...as soon as one goes away..another comes up... Yes i change my pillow case...towel...i don't wear glasses..i don't touch my face..i don't use hair products..and i follow the regimen twice a day as of right now i got 4 pimples on my left temple and 3 on the right my middle forehead is perfectly clear so are my cheeks and everywhere else what should i do? i've been
  3. Yesterday I had 2 tiny new pimples....I applied the BP very very very lightly/softly as i could on the pimple and the next morning i wake up and its big and looks like about to bust. Thats the thing, everytime i apply BP on a pimple it always gets big. Anybody else have this problem?
  4. Like after you apply the BP all over your face and is it ok to just leave a little dap of BP and let it dry over the pimple? or is that bad?
  5. Another day...another thing Just got back from work...didn't touch my face at all...no eyeglasses..no hair products i come home and notice 2 more popping up in the same EXACT place manfa;sdfj;osgjiawregaregaergaeg
  6. so um ....yeah I stated earlier that i'm only breaking out on each side near my eyebrows/temple area the right side cleared up...no more acne....so i'm like, "ok, i'll still use bp on it." 2 days later....2 more pimple comes up.. in the same EXACT SPOT ..inch for inch as for my left side..i've had the same 4 pimple for the last 2 weeks..im not touching it or anything and following the regimen and its still there..i haven't worn my glasses...i've changed my pillow case...i haven't touch it exc
  7. well the only hair product i use is American Crew Pomade and it doesn't come anywhere near my temple cause i spike the front of my hair up
  8. yeah, i actually put a crap load of bp in that trouble area. And at nite, i actually put a lot and glide it for a few then let it absorb by itself. I wash my pillow case every day and nothign works. Its in the same 2 areas all the time
  9. well for the whole month i've only picked at it last weekend cause i was goign to a wedding and didnt want a big ole zit. as of right now. I have 3 on each side almost symmetric to each other
  10. I didn't have really bad acne. Since i've been on it for about a month now and my chin/cheeks/nose are cleared up perfectly thing is the whole front of my forehead is perfectly clear too but both sides, where my temples are keep on breaking out. As soon as one go away, another comes and its been like that for like 2 weeks. Only where my temples are. Anybody with this experience?
  11. Ok as of right now i only have like 1 or 2 pimple on my face right now, but every now and then , between my eyes....a small little cyst i think is what its called. Its not a pimple, but a fluidy like bump. I was washign my face today and i felt a small liquidy bump..you can't even tell right now but i can feel it. Now im going to the beach for vacation in 2 days and i don't want this to blow up on me while im down there. What can i do to make it go aways without it ballooning?
  12. I used to have lite acne and then i stopped getting acne for like a year and now its coming back...does this kit work for you guys? and do you guys use anything else along with it or is this all i need? thanks in advance
  13. Well I've stopped having acne fror awhile now but i still use the medication sparingly every night. My face is completely cleared up until today. Well I haven't put the cream on my face for about 2 days and to add to it i pulled an all niter studying for my mid term last night. When i got done washing my face i applied the gel on my face but i noticed a dime size bump between my eyebrow. Not a pimple bump...but a dime-size bump. It felt like how a blister feels "water-filled" type thing...is it