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  1. I started the regimen april '05 with oily skin, and i totally cleared up but still have the oily skin. It looks a lot better though without all the blemishes and actually gives me a "tropical" look haha (i'm dark skinned). but whenever i go out, i usually blot my face and i'm good for a few hours if it's not hot. Now that summer's hear, i can't tell if it's freakin oil or sweat! But nonetheless, blotting is the only answer i have. I forgot who gave this tip a while back in these forums, but
  2. I went to the derm over 2 years ago, back in fall 2003 and he put me on mino and differin. I used it until summer 2004, when I realized it wasn't helping at all. I stopped going to the derm and just used out the diff and retin-a he gave me. My acne only got worse until I started using the regimen in February 2005. I've been using the regimen since and my skin is pretty much clear. No new breakouts, maybe a pimple once a month, but nothing severe. The redness subsided (trust me it was REALL
  3. I agree with the post above. I was on the regimen from april-august and my acne was under control by August. So now I just apply on-the-spot at night, one finger full for each cheek, half a finger for forehead and t-zone. It lasts me an entire week ($5 a week, you spend that much on a Combo #2). It's been having the same affect as twice a day, but a LOT less hassle in the morning. I just use moisturizer and i'm out the door. So I suggest until your acne is under control, keep applying twic
  4. I figured the only way to avoid the bleaching was to apply bp only at night. It's been awesome, same results for the past two months, half the hassle. I doubt it will work for everyone on the regimen, just wait until you have your acne under control and you can really tell what works and what doesn't. I had probably 3 pimples in the last 2 months while applying only at night. Other than that, it's been great! I'm glad to hear your success, but sounds like you're still in the early phases of
  5. i've been doing the same thing too. My face was constantly clear so I cut down to applying bp only at night. If there's a lil bump rising during the day, I know the night treatment will take care of it and it has. It feels a lot better going to school without anything on your face except a frown hahaha school is cutting away at me slowly, but at least my skin is a lot better!
  6. I was wondering, since I use bp at night, and my pillow case probably has a layer of the stuff, will it bleach my colors? I don't have a huge white load so i just throw in whatever with whatever. Has anyone experienced any bleaching because of this?
  7. Fortunately, I've had no new acne in two months thanks to the regimen, i'm dealing with scars now. I just wanted to know if anyone has had success from applying bp only at night, or who hasn't. I don't wanna apply it during the day because I've bleached half my shirts from sweat (the edge of the collar, i'm sure you know what i'm talkin about). I've only been applying scarzone and moisturizer during the day and bp at night this week and haven't felt any different. I hope my luck lasts....le
  8. "Simply apply the cream, use the face wash, use the special rinse, take the pills and control your diet and wham bam your cured in only six months." If a company can't even distinguish "your" from "you're," i'm not trying any of their products. Looks bogus. WHAM BAM? Hahahahaha horrible advertising.
  9. damn....can't really say anything to that. Because, ENOUGH SAID. Good post.
  10. I was on differin for a few months, all it did was stop the current acne, but it wasn't too great at preventing. I stopped that and started using retin-a micro and that destroyed my skin. I switched to BP and had no problems (I used BP a few years before everything) and everything was smooth. Seems like differin hasn't worked for a lot of people.....
  11. I'm 20 and I started breaking out when I started college---some of you would understand the stress of midterms and projects and its toll it can take on the skin. Well I went to see a derm and he put me on mino, retina micro, and duac. This made everything WORSE, it left weird marks that looked like bruises and so I decided to quit and just go without any medication. I felt normal, but the cycle continued until I started Dan's Regimen back in April '05. At first there weren't any major improv