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  1. what is this and where does someone find it?
  2. the effects wore off after 4-5 months? the good effects (prevention of acne) wore off?? or the bad effects (loss of strength, speed, etc) wore off?? thanks.
  3. did the B5 work for u? i don't really have an acne problem, i get one or two here and there, that's about it... but i'd rather have NONE.
  4. ok, i've read on here that B5 causes weakness and what not... is this true with everyone who's used, or uses, B5? i am big into weight lifting and don't want to lose strength and have a longer recovery time after working out. i don't see why that would result because it sounded as if it is good for yer body and not the other way around. also, what B5 is the best to take for the money and comes in the largest quantity for the price? and where would i find this at? also, which vitamin's should i t
  5. btw people, i veet'd my legs, as per my gf's instructions, and got some on my balls.... can u say OUCH!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! so, yeah, if u do this, don't get any on yer balls!! LOL.
  6. i couldn't find ANYWHERE the most recommended facial moisturizer stuff, the Alpha Hydroxy Eucerin Renewal stuff, so i saw the closest thing to that, some walmart brand equate facial moisturizer with Alpha Hydroxy. it sounded good, anyone used this before? does it work good? anyone know what well known store actually carries the Alpha Hydroxy Eucerin Renewal stuff? the couple stores i checked (the navy exchange, walmart) have a bunch of different Eucerin cleansers, moisturizers, anti-aging creame
  7. yes, i use a nice clean razor. i use the mach 3 turbo razor, and have for a while (most recommended by my military "leaders"). haven't tried the sensor excel razor yet, but will as soon as i am finished using up the last of my mach 3 blades. i usually change blades about once per week.
  8. just curious, instead of perhapes, say... shaving with a razor, i used something like veet hair remover on my face... would this cause irration and breakouts? or would this perhapes cause less irration (not having to shave) and prevent breakouts, since i only break out where i shave for the most part.