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  1. what are you implying, that those of us who posted pictures are not real? f*ck outta here ←
  2. i don't have any recent photos..i've had it too long. photoshop can work miracles on your skin though
  3. Just been reading around on these forums. I've had acne for a good 5-6 years, and its only really begun to bother me in the last 2 or 3. I'm 20. When I was younger, a lot of other people my age had bad skin, but now, more and more, it feels like its just me. Anyway I'm on accutane now, 2 weeks so far, and I'm starting to see an improvement. It has been interesting to read comments about how it makes other people feel - they are often things I have felt in the past...now it doesn't feel like
  4. thanks for that, as I suspected. Anyway we will see what happenes. Best scenario is that they can give me somethign that will clear up my skin temporarily while I am away and then put me on accutane as soon as i get back.
  5. I have my first derm appointment on July 2nd. I've been on antibiotics before, and they have stopped working. I'm guessing since I get cycsts the derm will put me on Accutane. Im worried becuase I'm planning an 8 week trip to europe leaving around the 13th July. Will this stop them giving me Acccutane becuase of the blood tests needed etc? Thanks for any help. edit/ Basicallly, for people who have taken it, would you have had to see the doctor again within weeks 2-9 of you being on the