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  1. anyone has any success with it? does it accentuates yr acne condition or improves the condition?
  2. No you don't and it's appalling, this acne and initial breakout. I am on Sotret, which is a generic. Hope it works. Day 11 for me! Betty ← Day 17... A large cyst develop on my right cheek..It darkens and sort of become the colour of a pig's liver..I wonder why my acne is always..slightly maroon and not light pink. I think my breakout has just begin.....Day 4 of breakout..wonder how long it will last.....hope it clears up well by end july..Im modifying things my own way ..taking 20mg
  3. absolutely agree with u.its maddening to witness that we need to spend so much time (minimum 6 months) and tonnes of money to get the zits of...and lets not forget about the aftermath( the red marks,scars ,dryness of skin and so forth)I mean,acne has inflicted upon millions of young sufferers..why cant t dermatologist put in more effort to come out with a speedier medication or even a permanent injection that could take acne off our face in minutes or just days.Stuff like botox could take years
  4. no reply..maybe i sound too pessimistic...
  5. i dont know whether the intial outbreak is due to my foundation since i develop the new outbreak after using the foundation (ZA) by the way or its due to the medication..My condition wouldnt have worsen if my doctor initiate roacctuane on my first visit.Using retin-a has resulted in many many deep,red marks.Im so envious of people around me who hasve flawless,pimple -free skin.Im like one of the weird creatures aho have succumbed to acne and pimples.My acne condition can be classified as moderat
  6. This is day 16 . Im on Nimegen (a korean generic version of Roacctuane) for slightly two weeks.For the moment,i have experienced slightly dry lips..and suffered some outbreaks on my left cheek.Its rather clear before i started on my dose of Nimegen. Im on 20mg per day,two capsules taken right after breakfast.I ve been feeling rather depressed recently because my progress has been rather slow as compared to some fellow sufferers on roacctuane and i spent quite a large sum of my savings on this