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  1. So what did the pictures look like before?
  2. Blu15


    I'm on Accutane...
  3. I don't think they are bad but I wouldn't use them on my face because it might be a little too harsh, IMO.
  4. Murad's Acne complex!!! It ruined my life and I haven't stopped breaking out since. But other than that... *Worst cleanser- Clearasil cleanser with 10% BP *Worst Moustiruzer- I would have to say the Neutrogena Healthy skin lotion. It was pretty light and had SPF15 but the smell wasn't too pleasant. *Worst Treatment- Ummm Murad's Acne complex!
  5. The Aveeno moustourizers are pretty good and won't clog your pores. They are kinda expensive, though.
  6. Try putting ice on it for a while because it helps bring down the swelling. Neosporin also helps a lot.
  7. Sorry for bumping this but HOLY CRAP!!! At first my skin was VERY red but the day after, I noticed that I pulled off a piece of skin. You guys were right. I wasn't aware that I couldn't wax during my course...
  8. Okay this might be a stupid question, but is it okay to wax your eyebrows, etc. while taking Accutane? I've noticed that everytime I wax, my skin gets really really red and it kinda burns (a lot). Help!
  9. I was kinda in the same situation a couple of months ago when my acne was worse. The guy would always call to hang out and I'd make up some stupid excuses to not see him because of my face. The thing about making all those excuses though, is that the person might get tired and won't be inrerested in you anymore. If your acne is not that bad, just go out with her...
  10. You can make your acne worse by using Murad's Acne Complex!
  11. I've used Clyndamycin and it did wonders for my skin. Thanks to Clindamycin and Proactiv, I stayed clear for over a year.
  12. Proactiv works (for me at least). And yeah, at first it might itch but then your skin gets used to it. The results were pretty amazing. I would apply the stuff at night and in the morning, I noticed that my pimples were smaller. It was really awesome but then after a while it just stopped working for me.
  13. Wow. I've been meaning to ask my derm the same question! I want to take diet pills as well, but I am not sure if I should with Accutane.
  14. Head & Shoulders has a conditioner and shampoo for dry scalp. You might want to give that a try.