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  1. Yea I was part of the club....paid 45 bucks every month for almost 2 years...the only way to find out what it will do for you is to use it right? Since it was no miracle cure for me (except for the first few months) and the skin care people at my spa asked me to stop using it a couple months ago I did...otherwise I would probably still be using it....I thought since I was spending that much that it was the best stuff and my skin was just really bad...come to find out my skin looks much better n
  2. Hi...witch hazel doesn't do anything for shallow scars....but it HAS helped me with red marks...I apply witch hazel and then neosporin...I'd say my red marks have improved 50% if not more....some are still there, some are completely gone. Be careful with proactiv....some people say it works (it did for me for a few months and then quit completely) The place I go to for microdermabrasion asked me to quit using it as they do not like it at all and say it actually makes the skin worse in the long
  3. Sorry I have only gotten it at a pharmacy with a prescrip from my derm. it costs SIXTY bucks a tube so I only did that once lol after that I got it from a friend who gets 2 tubes for 5 bucks because she works for Kaiser and has great insurance through them....she kept me in retin a for at least 2 years...I still have half the last tube she sent me...honestly though I have used it that long and have noticed MINIMAL results from it...I have honestly had better results using neosporin.
  4. Another cheap alternative you can try is applying witchhazel and then neosporin...it has really helped me get rid of my red marks and both are found at most stores....near the alcohol and peroxide...it would cost less than 5 bucks to buy these at Target etc. HTH
  5. good point....I was thinking of the guy's scars from this site (which seem rather severe ) If you have smaller keloids like from acne scars etc then maybe the cryoprobe Would work well for you....it has defintely helped me (scar is now flush with my skin and not raised) but I won't know the full extent for 2 more treatments..good luck!
  6. Hi I recently had Cryoprobe done on my face....one of the many things it does is it gets rid of abnormal color in the skin by freezing it. The lady said that one particularly scar on my face (which was raised and very red at the time and had been for years) was a keloid...the cryoprobe information I have read says it helps get rid of keloids but I must state my scar did not resemble the ones you have shown us here at all so I do not know if it would help or not..mine just looked like a large re
  7. witchhazel is an astringent (sp?) that has been used for a LONG LONG time for many different things...I however had Never heard of it til last month went I went to this great day spa, I had microdermabrasion done and they recommended using that....I apply it to my whole face with a cottonball....at first I did not like the smell but now I am use to it...and it leaves my skin feeling SO soft that I have even started putting it on my legs after I shave....I really love the stuff! It is only 99
  8. Hi sixofnine...yes I got this routine from a dayspa that specializes in skin care....the owner is young, 28 I think and has been involved with skin care since she started breaking out at age 11....her mom teamed up with her to help her find a solution and she traveled to different countries looking for solutions to her acne, by 16 she was a licensed esthetician (sp?) and the rest is history...her skin now is FLAWLESS and a lot of the products she sells there are from sweden....but she tries to
  9. I follow the same routine morning and night..I cleanse with oil of olay cleanser with micro beads (the spa insisted on microbeads) then I apply witchhazel all over my face, after that soaks in and dries I apply neosporin Cream in the morning (not greasy under my makeup) and the only difference is at Night I apply the ointment.
  10. After cleansing my face I use witchhazel, let that dry then apply the neosporin, I let that kinda soak in a little then apply my moisturizer, then my makeup as usual.....at the end of the day I shower, cleanse my face with cleanser, let it dry then apply witchhazel, let it dry and then apply neosporin...basically I guess my face is only neosporin free about an hour a day...but I have had FEW pimples this month and a lot of redness is gone...I don't use a lot so you really don't feel it after it'
  11. I have had good results using just witchhazel (99 cents and found with the alcohol and peroxide) and then applying neosporin....I do this 2x a day and a LOT of the redness I have had for years has disappeared in a month....I don't know that this would work for everyone but hopefully it will help you too. for less than 5 bucks it is worth a shot.
  12. Hi I have been using neosporin for a little over a month....it does not help with shallow scarring (but I have had good success with microdermabrasion for that) it HAS helped me significantly with the red marks....I use it twice a day and have noticed a difference and am very happy with it. Please let me know if you have any more questions I can help with =)
  13. I follow the same routine morning and night..I cleanse with oil of olay cleanser with micro beads (the spa insisted on microbeads) then I apply witchhazel all over my face, after that soaks in and dries I apply neosporin Cream in the morning (not greasy under my makeup) and the only difference is at Night I apply the ointment. I still have some marks but my face is looking better than it has in YEARS. Thank GOD for this spa who led me in the right direction! :D/
  14. Honestly I can't tell you which one helped the most as I started using both of them at the same time...I Can tell you I will NEVER stop using either of them!!! (Unless it just quits doing the trick of course) The routine I follow is cleaning my face with oilof olay age defying cleanser with micro beads (the day spa insisted it have microbeads) then I follow with witchhazel, let it soak in and dry and then I apply the neosporin Cream....at night I follow the same routine and follow with neospor
  15. The original post is referring to the at home systems you can buy....you might have seen the infomercial for youthful essence??? I think it runs 50 bucks??? My 2 microdermabrasion sessions have been at a day spa I saw on a special on the news and I am SO glad I happened to be watching the news that morning! They are about 45 minutes from me and I know I would never have found them otherwise...they are really great and keep up with the latest ways to help skin....but they are very loyal to the t