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  1. Hey MustangSally. I wouldn't give up the regimen so fast, you only started it a week ago. I know it's easy to get discouraged, but it's way too soon to declare it a failure. I do a modified version of the Acne Cure (using Neutrogena Clear Pore gel for 2% SA, rinse, and at night use some ice cubes on my face before applying Duac gel from the fridge). I also started to use a little Neutrogena Moisture in the mornings to make sure I don't get dry. Only been 5 or 6 days, but so far my face
  2. Probably best to order somewhere else. AcneMiracle is one of the MANY pop up vendors that appeared overnight when the latest B5 craze took place. Just order B5 from a legitimate large volume seller, such as Swanson Vitamin. I have no ties to these places, but there are plenty of places that will PROFESSIONALLY handle your order, and you will get your B5 fast. And as far as Philey claiming that AcneMiracles B5 is higher quality...prove it. There is no proof. If you want to try B5, sti
  3. My wife was on Ortho-Tricyclen before we decided to try and have a baby. It kept her pretty clear...we never realized HOW clear it kept her until she went off it. Her breakouts have gotten 10 times worse since coming off it, but she is a trooper and it doesn't hurt her confidence at all (besides, kinda hurts our odds of conceiving when she is on it...hehe). Kev
  4. I think the term "dry" skin is deceiving. I always thought my skin was dry on my face, but it always seemed like my breakouts were at their worst when my face was "dry". But, now I realize I am probably not DRY at all. Matter of fact, I am very oily. But, the outer later of my skin gets DEHYDRATED, and because it doesn't shed properly, it looks/feels dry. I think Paula Begoun explains all this very well somewhere on her website. Using something to help slough off this "dry" skin is helpi
  5. Thanks for the nice write-up. It's good to hear to hear POSITIVE Accutane stories. I hear so many "miracle" stories when I read about Accutane on NON-acne boards. Of course, people who still deal with acne are the the only ones visiting these boards, so it's expected that Accutane gets a bad rap. I have a derm appointment next month, and I am seriously considering pushing HARD for Accutane. I read that it is used frequently for adult male acne (what I suffer from). All the fancy antibiot
  6. I was looking through some pictures of when I was in college, and in a few I had a couple pimples. Nothing major, but I still would get them. Funny thing is, back then, I NEVER even worried about them. I had a great social life, dated many chicks, and life was great. Now at the age of almost 30, I break out more, but I am TOTALLY focused on it. I see tons of people with mild acne that you can tell they are how I was back then...they never even think about it. There are definitely much bi
  7. Not that I want to get into this played out debate, but this quote made me chuckle. B5 is NOT basically water in the body just because it's water soluble. All that means is that the kidneys will work to excrete all the extra B5 that is consumed, since it is not stored in fat like Vitamin A and such. BUT, your kidneys still have to actually go through the action of removing all the B5, so you are definitely keeping them busy. I tried the B5 last year for about 5 months. It seemed to work grea
  8. I am a 29 year old guy, and I have acne on the back of my scalp (and sometimes other spots on my scalp). It was worst last year, and I tried all kinds of shampoos to "cure" it, but none worked. I have used Head&Shoulders for over 8 months, but my scalp acne still comes and goes. It was real bad a few weeks ago, so I switched to Neutrogena T/Sal shampoo. It contains 3% salicylic acid, so I am hoping it will help control the acne. Scalp acne is a real pain to deal with. Trust me, you
  9. No success here. Actually, I was taking ~75mg of zinc picolinate for 2 months, and at the end of the 2 months, I had OTHER problems. I was getting some type of folliculitis on my arms, and one infection was so bad that I needed to go on antibiotics! Be aware that too much zinc (which who knows what that amount is for you) can LOWER your immune system. I stopped zinc supplements about 2.5 months ago, and I no longer get the red bumps on my forearms, and other little spots I had on my legs,
  10. Hey Sierra, I have the same problem. If I put BP on active pimples, they don't really seem to go away any faster. And then when they do, there is a mark that will be around for, well, not sure how long...since they are still here. I have a reddish mark on my left jawline from a big pimple that I got back in like January. JANUARY! That's 11 months, and I don't know if it will ever go away. I am seriously limiting the BP that I use on my face. I never used BP at all up to a age of 28,
  11. Look, you spammed the website address on all 4 of the forums I happen to visit. The website is poorly designed, obviously by someone wanting to make a buck off the B5 craze. I am sure Dan will probably delete this post also. I hate when people try to write a 2 sentence post asking about a website when it's so obvious they are involved with the site in some way. Kev
  12. I am not really sure, I don't use B5 powder. But, I think they claim that one teaspoon, 3 times per day should equal ~10grams per day? If so, then it sounds like your dosage is fine. Just be patient. Results were slow for me on B5...I didn't see miracle results in 2 weeks like some people claim. But, now 2 months into it, I am FINALLY feeling like I am winning the war. Kev
  13. What you are experiencing is perfectly normal. I broke out more in the first few weeks of B5 usage, and ALMOST quit using it. But, tomorrow is the 8 week mark for me using 10 grams per day, and my face looks BETTER than it has in over a year!!! I hope I am not jinxing myself, but only the next few weeks will really show me how well the B5 is working. If B5 can keep my face looking like it does today, I will be preaching about it WHEREVER I can. Stick with it, and try to be patient. I know