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  1. Avoiding bad food is similar to a Christian person avoiding sex until marriage. It's an act of discipline for some kind of ultimate reward. The research is significant enough to link diet to almost every noninfectious disease around. It is SO worth it to eat your veggies and fruits and stay away from the crap. However, if the height of your enjoyment in life comes from food, well, you need to find a hobby. If someone says something, explain your views. Otherwise, "No thanks," is a good reply. Y
  2. I'd cut out the introduction, which sounds prophetic enough to cause anyone who isn't skeptical to become so. While you have some good information, you echo what other people have already said. In my opinion, the cure is to realize that the is no cure. When you understand that no philosophically minded system of health will help you, you'll forget the bullshit and go back to the basics. No special diets -- good food, but no special diets -- and simple, non-invasive treatment, exercise, and obey
  3. Everyone and their great grandmother talks about these "phytoestrogens" in soy and certain herbal medicines, but it seems that no one understands quite what they are or their mechanism in the body. Soy milk is just fine to give to your children. Soy is a fine source of protein, but beyond that it's pretty worthless. Hard to digest.
  4. So are you saying that the pharmaceutical industry IS IN FACT releasing neurotoxins into the environment to "dumb-down" the public??? Bryan It is not proven, but history has shown that these kinds of things are common. Why shouldn't the pharmaceutical industry make us dependent on their medication? Who stands to benefit? Psychiatry is pumping out their filth to every 12 year old who has a few bad days at school. The food is full of additives that are banned in Europe and Asia. The FDA se
  5. Your post above is one of the strangest I've read in a long time. I could make almost no sense out of it at all. Bryan Mercola insists that the pharmaceutical industry is dumbing down the public. I say that this is not exclusive to the pharmaceutical industry and that it's human nature. Therefore, there is no basis for some secret conspiracy within the pharmaceutical industry any moreso than any other industry or organization, including Mercola's own misinformation.
  6. Dumbing down the population has been a political tactic even before the days of early Christianity. For hundreds and hundreds of years, the average peasant couldn't read his own Bible. In the modern world, the rich attend better schools and have access to more resources and information than the very-very poor. This can be somewhat equalized by genius or determination, but it is certain that the rich have the advantage by birth. In political philosophy, it is a general socialist viewpoint (althou
  7. First of all, not all dairy is bad. In fact, yogurt and kefir can be beneficial for your skin, teeth, and intestinal health. Anything and everything can be made completely fucking worthless by one process or another. Hey, avoid cheese. Avoid the milk pumped full of hormones and antibiotics. Brush your teeth with some yogurt on and off. Use gentle toothpaste and use your brush with medium vigor to toughen your gums (but not damage your mouth). Floss nightly. Brushing too often with inappropriat
  8. OK, so have they worked for you? sorry to be annoying, but I want to make sure before I start buying a bunch of supplements I never end up taking. I just recently got tyrosine to help with the stress and depression, but I'm still waiting for the effects... They're both known to be very effective and have plenty of studies backing them up. (Yes, they have worked.)
  9. Hey, Thanks, I guess I'll try to get a prescription for the spironolactone then. By the way, I notice your signature says you use Rhodiola Rosea/Ashwagandha for stress and increased cognition? How is that working for you? I've been very busy and stressed out for the past 4 years, and it's really taken a toll on me. I'm tired all the time and frequently depressed. If it boosts testosterone production though, lemme know. I don't want to make my acne any worse than it already is! thank
  10. That verse has the exact opposite meaning of what everyone in this topic is suggesting. It's a reference to fasting. Nevertheless, the Bible is a poor source of health information in an age when we have such rich scientific tools. It may contain some wisdom, but the ancients didn't have anything close to our resources.
  11. How is it incomplete? When you were a little kid, you didn't have acne. As soon as you hit puberty, and your hormones went crazy, thats when you get acne! It would seem that hormones are the relevant difference between people who have acne and people who do not. There are a variety of things happening between childhood and adulthood that do not involve sex hormones.
  12. The problem with diet is that most people who believe that they have a good one really have a bad one. Unless you go from eating super clean food to something very junky, I doubt your body will react significantly. A few weeks ago I had to eat a bowl of turkey dressing. Let's just say that after a year and a half on this organic diet and living like a total monk, I puked my guts out. Hard. I won't be eating any dressing this Christmas.
  13. People with food allergies can have mild to very severe reactions within minutes of ingesting or coming in contact with this or that allergen. However, that doesn't mean that everyone sufferring from this condition has an allergy to something. For example, dairy and wheat are probably not the best food groups to build your diet around, but most people will not develop visible symptoms after eating them. The people who want to watch out for food are people with multiple allergy conditions (i.e.,
  14. Saw Palmetto is entirely ineffective for this purpose. I suggest you read the (highly conflicting) studies on it to find out. Spironolactone is a blood pressure medication first with the chance consequence that it works as an antiandrogen. If you can't tolerate it, there are medications with similar actions out there. Herbs are going to mimick this in any way.
  15. I mock the "Pepsi culture." Soda marketing is a bunch of brainwashing and social pressure. The only reason so many people think Pepsi and Coke and similar drinks are tasty is because they have grown to like them (i.e., they grew up on them). These companies sponser EVERYTHING and thus their products get pushed in the faces of millions and millions of people every second of every day. If everyone who buys Pepsi on an average day suddenly stopped and donated that money to charity, we'd be on our w