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  1. Do a bit of research, I don't think Differin is an official retinoid. Your best bet is to consult with the DR performing the fraxel procedure. Although it is a different machine/ procedure, I had some Vbeam treatments while using Tazorac and Differin, and the plastic surgeon said it didn't matter, and I had no bad results. But it is different for everyone too. CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY: Adapalene is a chemically stable, retinoid-like compound. Biochemical and pharmacological profile studies have d
  2. I don't think Paris and the UK have the iPledge program. iPledge is a system in the U.S. that puts all kinds of constraints on your accutane prescription because the FDA decided too many folks weren't taking the seriousness of the drug seriously. I think that I'd try a low dose as a second course of accutane... if the first one does not work. THough it does seem that lower doses provide less of an IB and much fewer issues with cholesterol and liver functions etc. good luck
  3. I know it is tougher when you're dealing with a whole family dealing with loss. Remember that your sister is dealing in the only way she knows how, etc., etc. But also, if you feel you can, do try and talk to your mom and sis about how they feel, and perhaps look at some of the bereavement sites online and show your family that "There is no right or wrong way to grieve after a significant loss." http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/bereavement.html http://www.caringinfo.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm
  4. I can really emphathize with what your feeling, what we have all felt or are feeling. I kept calling my brother's cell phone too. I wanted to add to what sixfeetunder said and that's that when I do have one of these moments where I can only cry for my loss, along with telling myself that no one would want me to be crying and feeling sad for them, I try to praise myself for having the capacity to love another human being that much-- does that make sense? Feel free to PM me as well if you ever
  5. Me too! I have my meals numbered now: Breakfast=B1 and B2, etc. I thought accutane would help me lose weight but I am always hungry too.
  6. The supplement capsules of Fish oil, usually from Norwegian Farm Raised salmon, (I use Carlsons') does not contain Vit A, but it does contain Vit. E in some low percentages. But do check what you're buying... some cheaper or less regulated brands may have mixtures of Vit E, Vit D and Vit A. Often times mixtures with COd Liver Oil specifically contain Vit A. All of these mixtures are marketed as Omega3s. According to the American Heart Association, you should not have more than 1 gram, (1000 mi
  7. I don't know if it will be similar as I am 39 years old, but two years ago I lost my father a stepmother within two months, and two months before that my grandmother, then a dear old pet and then a sibling. I was holding my own until my sibling passed away this year. I can relate to the sudden, random outbursts of emotional emptiness and hollow sadness along with tears. I don't know if the pain and emptiness will ever go away, but I deal pretty well until a song comes on the radio, or I real
  8. Schadenfreude, I take fish oil for the Omega 3s... and stupidly, I just take that because Omega 3s are supposed to be so good for you--memory, fights heart disease, lowers cholesterol, etc. (My hubby works at a health food store and that's the one thing all of the "supplement people" swear by). I was taking the fish oil before I began my generic tane. I think it did help my skin a bit, but didn't do so much that it was enough. Here is some info about fish oil-- basically it is a reall
  9. wie geht's Schadenfreude, I've been on 60 mg for about a month and tomorrow will be my 60th day on generic accutane. (I started out at 20 mg per day and slowly progressed, didn't have much of an IB*) I'm 39 and put off accutane because I had overread about side effects etc. So far I've had two months of great blood tests, dry lips, diminishing of cysts, etc. and am pleased with the results and only hope my skin continues to improve. I take my doses about 10 hours apart (30 mg 2x/daily). I av
  10. I've been on a generic accutane for two months and I'd say go for it. After pondering and really needing accutane for 6 years and I finally decided I could risk it, I asked seven dr.s (three derms), two estheticians and four pharmacists after pondering and , and pointed out all of my fears about the drug. I went with the conclusion that if you're being closely monitored, don't drink alcohol (or be moderate, but if you're that scared I say don't drink, plan a healthy diet) or take a vitamin sup
  11. oh yes this is Ipledge. My derm's office said the second test could be on the day you get your script, and could be a urine test. I assume it's the same everywhere. Stay ahead of your derms office. Make all of your appts a day or so early to make up for Ipledge horror stories. Good luck
  12. im almost finished with my second month and have not had any terrible flaky side effects, but I use salon shampoos (You might try Nioxin) and moisturizing soaps in the shower. I have had the fatigue problems. THere's also nothing wrong with seeing a counselor and/or getting on some antidepressants (though be sure your dr is certain there will be no negative drug interactions. Also if your liver function etc is fine, I'd try the lower dose... and ask your derm the same questions.
  13. I'd say this is common in the health fields nowadays, regardless of the level of education. SOme folks just want to make a buck and others want to help people. At my derms office, one cannot assume that the women who assist the derm or the Physician's Asst. are actually nurses, or R.N.s; rather, these people are recipients of a two year technical college certificate--"medical assistants." I think that often times these people have the job they have just because they need one, not because the