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  1. I have been on accutane for one month. Since then, I have only had a couple of small breakouts and they usually go away a day or two after. I just had my blood test for the second month (continuing 80mg). I have had dry skin (Jergens Ultra Healing works well), my hair seems to be thining a little which is a little annoying. I will have to see what I can do about that... I hope that my skin won't revert to how it was before (moderate acne).
  2. I was prescribed Amnesteem about 2 weeks ago... I have it sitting in front of me. I'm scared that I might get a huge breakout (I have like 4 pimples atm). I work in sales and I'm starting to think that I might have to quit if I get a breakout. My doc is starting me with 80mg and it will be like that for 6 months... BTW my nurse said to take it with milk... is that ok? I thought it wasn't supposed to be taken with milk...
  3. How about taking 40mg for a longer period than taking 80mg for the prescribed period?
  4. are u in the usa? i would think it requires a prescription. it sounds similar to lustra which has worked well for people.
  5. Thanks for the input angel Smoyle, as far as I know... its the same...
  6. I have been thinking about getting accutane treatment but I might not be able to since my condition is mild/moderate. I talked with him [my family doc] and he said "your condition isn't that bad." I have been trying to convince him that the acne I do get is is mostly the kind that hurts. (would that be a valid cause for this prescription?) I have previously been on minocycline, diffrin, retin-a, regular bp (10%) and benzamicin. They have been used in some sort of combinations since 4 years ago
  7. I have been using it for a month now... (1 tube...) it has helped me but not a whole lot. Acne dries a little faster but I also have inflamed acned on my temples which I rarely had before.
  8. My insurance mentioned that a generic version of accutane would be covered... are there any generic version out there?
  9. Richard, how long do the results of Lustra 4% Hydroquinone last? Can the lightness be maintained thereafter with sunblock or would it be a ongoing regimin? -dookie
  10. Thanks for the input I'l give it a try today
  11. Would it be a bad idea to apply EMU oil 1/2 hour or so after applying BP? Also... I ran out of Dan's BP, I can get Benzamicin (however thats spelled) cheeper at the local pharmacy, would it be pile it on like Dan's BP?
  12. I just started using it a few days ago. Can't really say if its working but it does make my face red. I will continue to use it for a couple of months. I hope it works.
  13. minocycline made me look worse...i cant remember how my skin reacted with i was taking differin, i used it years ago
  14. is it ok to take 5MG of Botin? Currently I take Nature's Way Alive and it has 300MGC (whats MGC?) of Bitin... -dookie