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  1. Smokey2o

    why is there NO cure???!!!

    i changed my diet for about 6 months drinking plenty of water and only eating meat once a week and fruits and vegitables with some kind of salad everyday. My acne was never worse. I think acne and diet is a myth.
  2. Smokey2o

    Licorice and testosterone

    what if you took licorice root pills?
  3. its been a few days and all i'm experiencing is itching and redness. i wait adequate time after i get out of the shower. this is just one of the many things that don't work for me
  4. so a couple weeks ago when i came off accutane i went and got a big tattoo on my back. A cross going right down the center my back. So about 2 weeks ago my acne came back. It plauged all the places it did before except on my tattoo. Is it because i'm not worried about it breaking out or what?
  5. Smokey2o


    people w/o insurance like me can't afford accutane
  6. Smokey2o


    doesn't beta-carotene turn into vitamin a, so would it have any good effects on acne?
  7. Smokey2o

    Beta Carotene

    so does beta carotene do any good for acne?
  8. Smokey2o

    i hate my face

    west side near the airport kinda
  9. Alright i went out and bought some certain dri last night. I'm gonna test it on one of my arms for a few days to see how it goes. I put it on last night but no results yet...
  10. how severe was yalls acne before doing this??? and it doesn't clog your pores?
  11. Smokey2o

    i hate my face

    i just ate fruits and veg for like 4-5 months last year. i remember being the freak that didn't eat any of the good stuff on both thanksgiving and xmas.
  12. Smokey2o

    i hate my face

    I don't think diet plays a part in my acne. I've experimented before with just eating fruits and vegitables to only eating meat. Nothing changed Dairy didn't make any difference. I was taking flintstone vitamins before accutane but haven't in a couple months. I am a side sleeper and i'm thinking this is the culprit of my acne, although i get spots on my back between my shoulder blades even though it never touches the bed. Also i'm used to people seeing me with acne, but it went away for li
  13. Smokey2o

    i hate my face

    i never get acne on my forehead but always on the sides of my face. my temples,cheeks, jawline, and my back/shoulders. its mostly blackheads and whiteheads and thx for the e-hug
  14. Smokey2o

    i hate my face

    i've had constant acne since i was about 15 with no clear weekends or nothing like that, i'm 19 now so i don't think its food alergies if i had insurance i would never wanna get off of accutane. it gave me the confidence that i lacked for 4 years.
  15. Smokey2o

    i hate my face

    before accutane i tryed: doing nothing hibiclens numerous bp proactive differin minocycline neosporin topical vitamin a all kinds of clearasil shit always with no help, my dad and my brother had acne so its gotta be hormonal. fuckin sucks that you can't do shit about it. i eat healthy, i'm not using any harmful products on my face. i cut out all dairy to see if that worked. I tested the masturbation theory by not for weeks with no avail. i really don't know what else to do