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  1. hehe this is a good read. Dude how bored can you be to do it like 10x per day? my max is like 2-3.. times per day. And personally it does effect my acne, I'm sure of it this. I've cut down to 2x per week or so to keep it manageable. Plus when you stock up it lasts longer!
  2. Hold on, does this just happen when you apply the BP + moisturizer combo? Is it still bad to put moisturizer under the eye area even if you are not using BP? I have been noticing a line going down under each eye sort of...
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    New updated pics!
  4. I think they only cancel each other out if you use them both in the same time frame... as in both in the PM. Just my guess..
  5. Hey, I have been noticing i have been getting these realllllly tiny pimples, but I don't really care because they are not inflamed or anything, guess the differin is just bringin the gunk to the surface..
  6. Heya, I've been on Doxycycline for almost a week now, and I really haven't had ANY side effects... sleep good, feel good, not weak or anything.. Should I take some sort of good bacteria supplement? My breakouts are like GONE almost using doxycycline, differin and evoclin.. So it is working so amazingly well, and it has been only less than a week. I really don't wanna screw it up or anything or risk breaking out. Thanks in advance, Rob
  7. It says that on all meds even BP.. It really depends on your skin, I never use sun lotion and never get burned, It depends what your skin type is like. Even when I didn't moisturize and used BP I never got burned, and I balled for hours in the sun
  8. For me doxy kicked in on the 2nd or 3rd day, though it might have been differin or evoclin... I'm guessing its the doxy tho. But people are different.
  9. So when I use evoclin foam and wait 15-20 mins after that and then put on differin its ok?
  10. Hey all, I'm new to these boards, but have been monitoring them for quite a while. Last Friday was my first derm visit; they injected some stuff in my face (?) and prescribed me some some medicine. I had been using BP 10% and tazorac which I felt was ruining my face. So the doc prescribed me: doxycline(sp?), differin, and evoclin foam(clindamycin 1%). I also picked up a wash and a moisturizer, and absolutely love them, the wash doesn't seem to have SA or BP in it and is VERY gentle(mosom wash).