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  1. has anyone here gone on an all raw (or mostly raw) diet and seen less oil on their faces? thanks
  2. My face always looks shiny but is that oil or sweat do u think? i have social anxiety and sweat really bad in social situations so i dont know if my face looks shiny from oil or sweat.
  3. are these ok to use? i have read that they make some people break out has anyone used them and havent? thank you.
  4. I wash my face 3 times a day because it is so oily. I wash it at 6:00 am with spectro jel ( a light cleanser) then again at 4:00 with the same cleanser then at 7:30 with clean and clear advantage wash and BP. My skin never feels dry just nice and refreshed is this ok to do?
  5. I have EXTREMELY oily skin. I wash my face and an hour later you can see oil and 4 hours later im feeling so uncomfortable and want to wash my face again. I cant do anything after school because i wash my face at 6 a.m. and by the time school is out at 3:15 p.m. my skin is so oily i run home because i dont want to see anyone. Im so embarassed by it and my life schedule revolves around when i can wash my face. Currently i wash it at 6 a.m. before school and 6 p.m. before bed.I use clean and clear
  6. If i took a high dose of vitamin A (20 000- 25 000 iu) would it help with my oily skin?
  7. my skin is SO oily.. i go through 8 clean and clear oil sheets a day and by 6:00 at night my skin is dripping with oil which limits me from doing anything after school without having to come home and have a shower or wash my face first. I am on Diane-35 and i really like it but my skin is still unbelievably oily. I dont know what to do please is there any thing i can do thanks
  8. i have some redmarks and i was wondering if there is anything i can take internally for them. I dont really want to apply any lotions or creams to my redmarks because im scared i will break out from it. thanks
  9. I have combination skin (oily on t-zone and normal on cheeks) I wash my face with spectro gel at 6 in the morning then go to school and im home at 4. I am on Diane 35 and my skin is fine untill around 4:30 -5 then it all of a sudden gets so greasy and i feel so uncomfortable untill i wash my face at 7-8 at night before bed( I use clean and clear advantage wash). Its extremely annoying since all i want to do after school is come home because i feel so gross with all this oil on my skin and if i a
  10. I am so confused and overwhelmed with the acne and diet situation. I have become obsessed with my skin and it affects my life greatly. Everything i do evolves around my skin like i dont go places if i know i wont be able to wash my face before bed or have a shower in the morning. I am only 16 years old and this causes ALOT of stress in my life and the hard part is watching my 7 very close friends eat and do what ever they want and they have absolutly flawless complexions i am the only one out of
  11. does diet affect your acne only if you eat unhealthy all the time? I would say i have a pretty good diet, i dont eat that much anymore for fear of it breaking me out but there will be one day (like today) where i eat really bad but then tomorrow i will eat good again so my question is does that one day of eating bad effect my skin? because its not likei eat like that everyday thanks
  12. i have become obsesive about my skin and what i eat. I am so into eating healthy that i have basically stopped eating. Tonight my mom wants to take me out for chinese food and i know this probably sounds rediculous but should i go? like will it affect my skin alot?