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  1. X-Out (by the makers of Proactiv) contains some unnecessary and potentially harsh ingredients like 8.5% BP, fragrance and dimethicone, which can cause irritation and possibly cause more harm to your skin than good. If you're looking for a better alternative, then use Dan's 2.5% BP. Dimethicone is an ingredient that can "coat the skin, trapping anything beneath it, and do not allow the skin to breathe." "It form a layer on the skin which retains anything and everything beneath it, including impur
  2. hey leo, are you putting on sunscreen or something to prevent uv radiation? I would have done this but then I read that the leds emits uv, which could cause cancer.
  3. if you can put out some pics with your progress, that would be great
  4. My worst fear is that my acne will speak for me in the job interviews because of how superficial society has become. I want to be a doctor, but I think that I'll have an extremely hard time finding a job because hospitals would rather choose a doctor who looks good but has average skills over someone who's face is littered with acne but is a genius...maybe graduated from harvard. Really...have you ever seen a doctor with acne? I haven't, but I'm hoping my skin will eventually get clear and I cou
  5. i think walmart has it too.
  6. The reason why I think lumiports beats any other portable light treatment is because it has that technology that controls the wavelength of the light within 2mm of the targeted light. You could have a full face laser for the same cost but the only catch is that their laser's wavelength may vary a lot more producing no results. I have heard that acnelamps and beautyskin are working on the forums. I would order the lumiport to see if it produces any result then move on to bigger treatments. I'
  7. The new version is good but it has 2 major flaws. First is that there's no post count which helps validating the users reply quite a bit. Secondly, I can' t preview the post before actually clicking on the link.
  8. The worst side effect of light is that it does nothing. Light can be supplemented with any regimne. It's somewhat true that the lesser *chemicals* you put on or in your body is better.
  9. I've tried it 2 times. I didn't notice ANY difference other than losing a couple of pounds. It actually got a little worst. This is probably one of the worst diets ever. There are better ways to clean your system, trust me. And, you can forget about the money-back guarentee- A lot of people have complained that they didn't get their money back. If you still want to try it, search the forums. I think someone posted all the directions.
  10. "Sodium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol and Butylparaben"- this is probably why you got the bad reaction. You need to get tthe kind as pure as possible. Buy the plant, that's would be the best way to see if aloe vera works or not. Then go from there.
  11. lamps are practically useless because they all have different wavelengths. lumiport has a chip to make sure that the light's wavelength varies very little. professional treatments like from omnilux, obviously, have even more precise wavelength and are more powerful. little did he kn- what kind of light treatment are they doing on you and how much does it cost? Omnilux?
  12. When you want to kamikaze the dermatologist because he didn't know what he was talking about.
  13. lol-looks like someone made too many posts trying to become a mod-just jokin
  14. did you stop using bp when you were on the dip regimn? if you did, that's probably why you got those results.
  15. i think steaming would work better. Higher temp=more bacteria being killed