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  1. It has been awhile since I have been here. I thought I had a message (said so on my email), so I logged in for the first time in awhile. I haven't had many breakouts except when I stray from my routine. It isn't perfect, but it is working consistently for a over a year. I have bought books and every product under the sun and researched so much online and in books. What I learned from it is that adult skin is hard to treat b/c you deal with the aging aspect, which makes bp not a good choice
  2. Read Cosmo or Glamour and you will see beauty sections and sometimes they have qoutes from celebs about skin care. And J Simpson was going on and on about this product THAT WAS NOT Proactive that she could not live without. Funny how she can endorse it on their infomercial and she is raving about different products to magazines. HMMMMMMMM?
  3. I had few breakouts in highschool, but now at 28, I have moderate break outs off and on. It is strange. When I started really breaking out after I graduated highschool; I kept telling myself it would be okay becasue by the time I was 21 it would be over. Yeah, right!! I am the only one in my family that breaks out and I guess I got the crappy acne gene. But hey, I keep thinking in a few years it will all be over with the acne, but I have a dreadful feeling that may not be the case.
  4. I am sure a guy who wanted to get so laid said that to some girl. Guy: Hey baby, come on let's hook up and I can use you and you can use my 'boys' Girl: Uh, I don't know Guy: I can make you even prettier with my 'boys' Your friends will be so jealous. Girl: Uh, I really don't know Guy: Look, you don't have to do anything. Just lay there and when I am done I can even rub it on for you. Girl: Well, that is sure thoughtful of you!
  5. I have tried it and it was okay. A bit drying - ouch! And I quit using the C&C b/c the first two ingredients after the active bp is mineral oil and petrolatum, which makes me break out. HMMMM why would mineral oil and petrolatum be in an acne product. I am trying to find out if it is really comedogenic because some people say it isn't. BUT my experience is that it produces some nasty cysts. However, Neutrogena has a bp wash that is oil free and it only has 3.5% is seems less harsh. Go
  6. Hey, you all! I just got my aloeguard in the mail today. I will let you know what happens. However, a funny thing happened - while I was waiting for my aloeguard, I have cleared up. It is so wierd - I recently went back to using salicylic acid wash and toner and non-salicylic acid oil free moisturizer with spot treatment with Dan's bp at night only. Do I want to change now? I am going to use it on my chest acne for sure.
  7. i just came across this thread. I have to say, as a person very familiar with the mental health field (I have a parent who is a counselor and a sibling that works at our local psychiatric hospital); I am so worried about you. I was told that the way mental health professionals evaluate the seriousness of a suicide threat is the actual threat. If a person says how they are going to do it and with what device; they are usually serious. Most people that try it do not succeed and they later say,