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  1. Well I looked it up on their website and it is different. I love lengthening. I will give it a go. Usually drugstores and Wal-Mart return them even if they are used. So I hope I like this, it's different then the other one I bought. I usually choose waterproof b/c of the smudging. Bet the one in the pink tube (great lash) i bought waterproof and it smudged. So I will try this waterproof green one and see. Thanks for letting me know.! Camp
  2. Asia, I really like you because of what you post and say. I think Christians have to stand up and fight the good fight. We may get laughed at, mocked, ridiculed, but so did he! I have to be deeply honest with you and others, that the Holy Spirit is great, beyond our imaginations. But when I receive it I can't begin to tell you how peaceful and how all my anxiety is gone. I've been there before where I didn't know my beliefs and didn't understand. But now as I grow in my faith, I come to re
  3. quote] please stop..... We have different beliefs, let's just leave it at that okay.
  4. I use the one in a green tube. Why don't you trust it? I just bought a new one today! The reason I ask is because I use very high quality makeup, from Arbonne, which is plant-based and has nothing harmful in it. I take that very seriously, but I hate every mascara I have ever tried except Define A Lash.
  5. This life is just a Spiritual Battle here on Earth. And like one poster said, the more you get into it and even speak tongues, the more people will look at you like you are crazy. I wish you would see it..."Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and what God wants..." There is plenty of truth in The Bible. And this is not just getting me through life...no, this is my journey with Him, the one who died for us so we could be free. Don't you see? Heaven is real. Hell is real. Jesus is real. Sata
  6. I know this topic might be a little old, but I couldn't help but jump in on the loop. First, I just want to say congradulations to the original poster and being brave enough to post what she had to say in her heart and her true feelings for Christ. My situation, kind of similar. And that is, I believe everyone has one major sin. Whatever that may be: adultry, gambling, accessive drinking, whatever. Mine, I was finally told by a Higher Source, was vanity. And for two to three weeks I would
  7. Isn't Maybeline Define a Lash in a Pink Tube? I think it is. And I don't trust anything by Maybeline. I appreciate your input, but I really dont' like their product line.
  8. I'm having huge trouble with this. So far Clinique is ok. But everything now claims to be hypoallergenic a suitable for contact wearers. Well this is a lie because I have gone through Loreal's telescopic and Maybeline's mascara and I'm doubing a lot of these mascaras because they are bothering my contatact. Clinique's High Definition Mascara not so bad but then I put two coats on today and they dried my eyes out. I get so aggrivated becasue I don't produce natural tears so I am constantly p
  9. Sammy, The best stuff is Jergens Natural Glow. They have come out with a few different ones like scented and firming...but I love this stuff. And they say for fair to medium skin tones, etc. I ignore that because I am pale white and buy the medium/tan skin tones scents. It works wonders. I usually put it on every night after a bath, I towel off, make sure my skin is 100% dry and apply a little bit to my legs and arms. The next day I have a tan! Just be really sure to rub it all in and th
  10. My Physician gave me a prescription for retin A micro which is the best ever but I can't afford it right now. So just to give yall some background... I have had cystic acne on my cheeks and chin for a good seven or eight years. Most of it is gone and I figured out that smoking cigarettes is what has caused this for me. I have some scarring on both my cheeks. Currently I use the Clinique Acne System. It works good but I feel like there has to be something better out there. My skin now is m
  11. Remember, you don't have to feel empty or depressed at all. Once you experience God's presence, you know there is nothing better you want to seek out than that. And God is never someone who wants His beloved children to experience pain (emotional or physical). I think finding a good Bible study group might be a good option for you. A lot of times, praying in the Spirit by yourself is so good, but praying together with other Christians and having fellowship is also another very blessing thing. B
  12. Hey! Thanks for the advice. First of all, I was born and raised Catholic, so now I am entering a interdenomenational church that is predominately black, with three white peoplle. They encourage all races to come and worship because it is not a black thing, or white, or latino thing, it is a God thing. And I'm sorry that proverbs offends you but I left traditional Catholic because you do not break down the word and study it. You don't. Don't even try to argue with me on it. Because you don
  13. No, it's really good advice. I have emailed him to see if he wants to have lunch when he passes through because he is always going through to see old friends from college. So I thought a friendly lunch would be like a "casual date" without saying date. We have met for coffee. And it is good advice. Even the letter idea is good. I am just coming from a Spiritual perspective and I know this is something I have to take slow (due to all my other male encounters) Believe me, I would love to te