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  1. Someone correct me if i'm wrong, to have your abs showing you got to have a low percentage of body fat so weight doesn't make a difference even if you're big and have a low percentage of body fat the abs will still show. Again someone correct me if i'm wrong, to gain muscle you have to have a higher intake of calories than the amount that you burn off, but eat healthy of course not load up on junk food. You could also take those weight gain shakes.
  2. bad skin girl that i like sees me just as a friend don't know what i want to do with my life freaking assignments due and i'm working with shoddy group mates
  3. Actually come to think of it, i don't ever recall getting compliments about my looks the acne scars play a huge part in that but i can live with the thought that i ain't good looking.
  4. Don't need to jump to conclusions about the other guy yet. It may seem weird to say hi to her but you've got to start somewhere right, just try chatting with her and taking it from there, good luck.
  5. Don't mind me going off topic but Henri Camara might prove to be a little bit of a jinx, going to Wolves them getting relegated, going to Southampton them getting relegated, might complete a hat-trick at the end of the season. Anyway 20, singapore
  6. Kinda i guess, i liked a friend of mine and thought something could have come out of it. But i sensed that she wasn't interested and she also implied that too indirectly, so it happens just have to move along now. As the line in "Dry Your Eyes" by The Streets goes "There's plenty more fish in the sea".
  7. I'm in sort of a same situation, attracted to a friend not sure if i should make a move as she doesn't seem interested in the relationship sense and i don't wish to spoil the friendship. Anyway good luck to you.
  8. Having acne sucks, because of it i don't even have the confidence to approach girls.
  9. Lucky you she sounds like a great girl.
  10. I know wht u mean, it sucks. When i go to school and see how good other ppl's skin are even though they touch their faces with their hands it really fills me with envy.
  11. I once had one right on my upper lip and it hurt real bad. I also absolutely hate having one on my nose.
  12. That's good, hopefully the regimen will help me clear up soon too. [-o<
  13. Used it before and it does help for spots but does nothing for acne for me.
  14. You could tell him the truth or you could come up with an excuse to try to stop him from doing it. :-k
  15. Do i do this once or over a few days?