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    hi no dotn use ivory it is alkanine ph level. if oyu want to use a bar soap dove or cetaphil would be best, but facial cleanser are better becasue ph levels are lower than soap and not as drying
  2. with 8 passes at level ten is 29%, does the higher treatment level mean more of the dermis is treated with each session, thus getting more for you money veresus typical 20% session?
  3. are you sure they are line scars, not just treamtent zones
  4. for the fraxel restore, is a greater treatment coverage of level 10 which is 29% of the dermis is treated better than level 7 or less, which woudl be 20% or less of dermis treated.? i with 5 treatments that level 10 that is 145% of dermis heated.
  5. hard to say wiothut pic, if better with or without and what color woudl blend in best
  6. smmothbeam is more for superfical shallow scars if that is you then it can help 25%, stuides have proven that much restore can give you 40-50%
  7. circle or line is so shallow get vbeam and your done
  8. the fraxel repair and restore would be better than tradtional co2 sicne the fraxels penetrate deeper
  9. hi ican can tell they are more shalllow now
  10. hey i am from houston too. how much does friedman charge for restore.? and other lasers too i know he only does laser no tca cross etc. bogle quoted me 1200 for vbeam and fraxel 1000, both for 1700. i don think so. who charges more for vbeam. i couldnt find any others laser derms that have a reputiable name in houston
  11. can yall recommend some safe spf 15 or 30 that wont clog pores?