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  1. The new formula is much smoother. I like it a lot better now.
  2. Does anyone wonder if "Lisa" from CS and Carina are one and the same????? I haven't seen enough of Lisa's posts to really make an opinion on this, but she does insert a lot of 'Carinaisms.'
  3. I absolutely love the Spring Berries lip gloss, it's such a nice color. I really love the new bamboo handles too. I hope they come out with the FTB and LHK with the bamboo handle soon. I'm not crazy about some of the new blushes they've come out with (Launch Party and Flannel Pajamas, namely), but I like that they are releasing new colors regularly.
  4. I've had mixed results lately. The first order I placed after the new site was not packaged well. Minerals were everywhere. I emailed CS and never received a response. I didn't pursue it. My second order, for whatever reason EDM never took the payment from my Paypal account. I resubmitted my payment directly to EDM. I then found out like ... literally, half an hour later, that my checkbook with all my debit and credit cards had been stolen, so I emailed EDM and asked them to cancel my pay
  5. I tried EDM's 'new' lip glosses, and I find them as disappointing as the first batch. They're thick, cakey, and not true to color in the least. They don't last at all, and they aren't moisturizing. I'm also pretty disappointed in the Start to Finish rice powder. It might be a coincidence, but my skin has been awfully flakey since I tried it. I'll have to give it another go, but not a fan right now.
  6. I just placed an order, and I can't wait to try out some of the new products: *Start to Finish Rice Powder *Glass bottom boat eyeshadow *Samba Lessons eyeshadow *Happy go Lucky eyeshadow *Champagne face color *Pick me up pink concealer *Green tea moisturizer *Chamomile moisturizer *Natural lip color *Cherry Fizz lip color I can't remember what else I'm trying, because there's no way to see the actual contents of your kit after you've placed your order with the new site. Has anyone tried the
  7. They are still working out the problems with domestic shipping, too. When I place an order on Friday the DHL prices were so high. One of the options was over 400 dollars for shipping - and my order was only 40. The new site is horribly buggy. I think EDM is getting screwed over by their programmers, because there is no way a group of seven programmers should have taken this long to put up a site that has so many obvious bugs and such a poor design. I still can't wait to try out some of the
  8. I use beige fairly light and I like the natural reflections cool pink for a finishing dust. Countryside or Ginger Peach. Ginger Peach is amazing for day wear and perking up your eyes. Although, for brown eyes, I think Pressed Olive or Glass Bottom boat might be good. Summer Stroll, Cookie Sheet, or Theme Park based on your colors and liking Back to School. I don't use bronzer, so I can't help there. Summer Stroll gives a natural sun-kissed glow; cookie sheet is gorgeous and e
  9. Intensive. Original Glo always seems to vary too much from the color displayed on EDM's website, while Intensive always seems spot on. I do like OG though. I have dry skin.
  10. Summer Stroll is an awesome color, but it hasn't been officially released yet.
  11. I finally went ahead and placed an order even though several of my items weren't in stock, because EDM just ships them out separately when they do arrive. I love the new flat top brush. It's amazing. It gives me flocked sponge like coverage with much less minerals. It's so, so, soft. Summer Stroll is very nice. It's very natural and not too shiny. I never used Siesta so I have no idea how close it is. Walkee Talkee is also a great blush. I'm not crazy about the jojoba dots. They ar
  12. InRepair: It sounds like you might be putting on too many minerals at once. Try using a brush applicator (if you don't already) and use the minerals sparingly. Go ahead and apply 10 layers if you want, but build the coverage up. Tap some minerals into the cap, swirl your brush around on them, tap off the extra, then use light circles to apply the minerals. When you have a chance, take a compact mirror and go near a window that has natural light coming in. Use a Q-tip to apply a light strok
  13. I use oil, but not baby oil. I use a mix of grapeseed, avocado, and jojoba oil. Works really well for me. I had to play around with oils to get my mix, and I still tweak it.
  14. Sorry if you posted this already before, but can you tell us what shades you've tried and if they were too light/dark pink/yellow etc. for you? Also, let us know what shades in other makeups have been great matches for you. New special up on EDM. There are two new blush colors in samples sizes they will be adding to orders. One color is a Siesta inspired color, the other is a Chit Chat inspired color, and both look gorgeous.
  15. Tried it, didn't care for it. It looked very 1980s glamour shots made up to me. It didn't wear well on my skin, either. And it's too expensive for mineral makeup.