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  1. I was in the same place as you were, i'de think i would be getting clear and then bam another one pop ups, but that was before i was using AHA moisterizer, if you are stilling getting maybe one or two i strongly suggest this one, you can purchase it from drugstore.com, but you have to use it every morning and night, after you wash your face at night for me it seems to act as an exfoliator (which it does), i see my skin comming off a little by little, but once i put on bp and then the moisterizer
  2. i hear yeah, the regimen has been working great for me, just be thankful if you don't have any acne scars... i have a few, although its not that bad
  3. how old are you nightmare if you don't mind me askin?
  4. pantothenic acid is B5 http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=...amp;btnG=Search
  5. yeah no kidding, its awesome, i haven't really drank starbucks before until about a month ago and i thought for some reason it wasn't working, so i stopped (drinking coffee) for a couple weeks and i haven't gotten any pimples, i had a star buck's a couple days ago, hence the next morning i had a zit (small but it was there), when i came home from work the zit was gone! its amazing now, like if i get any acne now it will be gone within 12-24 hours, but i still have some redmarks, but no current
  6. Dan, normally i don't do this, but the products you have and mentioned are awesome! I started in July i think the 10th or 11, its in my sig i think. Anyways, I have being using the products twice a day. Although i have some scars, my skin looks so much better then it has in the past! I am no longer getting new pimples, been probably 1-2 weeks. I'm just amazed at the results! I'm def. much happier then i was before. I wish i would've taken before and after photos. I do have some scars however and
  7. Hey dan how is the moisterizer testing going? Do you have any date on when one will be released?
  8. do you have any acne scars? if so have they improved in the days you have used it?
  9. You can buy my moisterizer at drugstore.com
  10. So does anyone use MaMa lotion at night or in the morning in replacement of there moisturizer? I haven't been getting any new acne since i've been on my regimen and i want to do something about my scarring. Has anyone tried MaMa lotion in replacement of a moisturizer? It has Aha and Mendalic (sp?) acid in it...
  11. I've had good results with the AHA ENhanced Lition (the ony in my sig), its improving one of my acne scars really well, too bad its not working so well on any others, but it IS controlling my acne! I think your skin just has to get used to it
  12. Ok so i am on the clear skin regimen as you can see on my sig. I have two questions: 1. I want to do something about my acne scars. In the past i have used obagi nu-derm solution only one product which made my skin peal like crazy, although i dont have that product anymore i would like to try this one within my current regimen. So my question is, would it be a good idea to use it in the morning (since it says it is an am product) in replacement of my alpha hydroxy lotion and just use the aha lot
  13. no just wait for dan's to arrive and let pimples come back to your face! :doh:
  14. J/c when you drink a lot of water, does it make you go pee a lot, cause if i drink a TON of water i usually have to go to the bathroom a few times after drinking so much.