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  1. I would strongly suggest you buy a lower percentage of TCA rather than try to dilute it yourself. It's way too dangerous and it's risking your face for further scarring.
  2. Hi Reilly! After seeing your picture, i must say your improvement is truly amazing! Congratulations! Your succession in doing tca cross has inspired me to do the procedure again myself. I have a tca which i bought quite a long ago, might be around 2years ago. Guys, does anyone know if tca can become expired? Thx!
  3. Hi All, just wondering if there's any aussies done dermabrasion here in oz?
  4. I did a full face roll-cit procedure 2 1/2 weeks ago. The procedure was ok i guess. After I had the procedure i felt my face had been beaten up, hehehe. 2 days after the procedure I had 4 or 5 new pimples, maybe because I used vaseline. I think now I'm on that point where I havent done any good at all, well I should be patient to wait for the result I guess. I'll keep posting to update the result.
  5. Hi guys, I'm having a Roll-CIT procedure in less than 2 weeks, could everyone please who had the procedure done tell me what creams in particular did u guys use to help to prepare the skin and to provide a better result? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  6. to combatscars: dr.greg goodman in trak centre, toorak performs smoothbeam for around AUD 200 - 300, i forgot, i've had it done around six months ago..
  7. Yeah, I experienced that too. My face was all red when the first time I used it. But the good thing is after done it quite a while somehow it helped me control my breakouts
  8. shiny, Try eBay I've got myself a retin-a micro 0.1% from eBay, someone was selling it for just US$70 but it expires on Feb/04..
  9. Is this true? Is smoothbeam available in Australia?
  10. I've found this information at the N-lite website www.wrinklereduction.com it might be useful: Gold Coast The Derks Institute of Health 617 55974488
  11. Hi, how did you go with the subcision & the laser? I also live in Australia, and thinking about having subcision done.
  12. Hi, how did you go with the subcision & the laser? I also live in Australia, and thinking about having subcision done.