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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had used both vita-k and neutrogena multi vitamin, and which one you thought worked better to reduce red spots.
  2. Hi, I would just like to know if anyone has used Eucerin's new line of products for acne. There is a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. I currently use Eucerin's Renewal moisturizer but I wonder if the pore purifying one would be more beneficial. So if anyone has used any of this stuff i'd like to know what kind of results they got from it.
  3. I think that mineral powder foundations look much more natural than other foundations. I am also a fan of aromaleigh, I tried jane iredale but it made my skin oily. If you get oily try aromaleighs porcelaine primer powder under their regular foundation powder, it works great. Aromaleigh is great because you can order sample sizes of everything, you should get samples of several different colors before you buy any foundation from them, I found their colors to run very light so you should get a
  4. www.aromaleigh.com I would order samples first in a few different shades. I am usually the lightest color in every foundation so when i first ordered I just got samples of the 1's which are the lightest, but they were actually all too light for me so i had to order again and get some 2's. Their blush is really great too, my old blush was breaking me out. I would get a flocked sponge to apply the powder and a good brush if you don't already have one. Also read the info they have on the site
  5. I have not tried pur minerals, but there are several brands of mineral foundations that are not supposed to aggravate acne. I think Aromaleigh is the cheapest and it also has the least number of ingredients so it is the least likely to aggravate sensitive skin. Also, most mineral lines that I have tried only have 4 or 5 shades but aromaleigh has 30 so I was able to find a perfect match, and you can purchase sample sizes before you buy a full size. Wow, I sound like a commercial, but anyway if
  6. I found that any foundation I used caused bumps until I tried natural mineral foundation. I also think that it looks much more natural than any liquid foundations I used to use (and I tried almost all of them). I started out with Jane Iredale which was ok, but now I use Aromaleigh which I like a lot, it's also the cheapest one I've found. I think you can only buy it online, but they sell samples cheap so you can find the perfect color. It's a lot different from other foundations, you need to
  7. I'm interested in this honey method. Could someone give me details? how much do you use? do you put it on your whole face? do you use it over bp? Thanks.
  8. I am also a fan of the Sage sunscreen from www.sageskincare.com It is the only one I have tried that does not make my face shiny or leave a whitish cast, and it absolutely does not cause breakouts.
  9. Okay so I started the regimen, but with some modifications, about two weeks ago. I use the neutrogena 2.5 bp and the eucerin renewal moisturizer as the regimen instructs, but for a cleanser I use sage advice's corrective grains and facial shampoo. This is the only cleanser that I trust on my face. My face feels smoother and I definitely have a few less zits, but I am by no means cleared up yet. I had some dryness in the first week, but it has gone away. I think I may add the Neutrogena mult
  10. I believe sage skin care has a product like that. www.sageskincare.com It is probably a bit pricey because most of their stuff is, but I really like their products, their cleanser is the only one that works for me.
  11. I have very light skin and I did not like it. It made me look ghostly and even when I applied it very lightly it still gave a bluish cast to my skin.
  12. NO! please please please don't cover up your freckles! Freckles are so great! They are adorable and more and more models have them / let them show these days. I looked at your pic and your skin tone is great, the freckles add a fresh pretty look to your face. I had lots of freckles when I was younger, but now they're all masked by nasty red marks left over by acne. I would love to have my freckles back. I have never heard anyone say that they think freckles are gross so I really wouldn't wo
  13. I tried Jane Iredale's pressed and loose minerals and I preferred the pressed, they reccomend the loose for drier skin and pressed for more oily skin, however I thought that the loose powder accentuated a little flakiness I had. I think your best bet would be to buy the sample sizes of each to see which works better for you. They are $6 but the little pot has lasted me over a week of using it every day. I haven't tried aromaliegh but I have heard good things about it. I would be wary of
  14. I found a website, www.whosthefairest.com, where you can buy $6 sample sizes of jane iredale mineral foundations. This is great for those of you who want to try it but don't want to buy the espensive full size right away. The sample size lasted me over a week. I liked it because it looked really natural, but I would like something with a little more coverage. I tried the pressed and the loose minerals and I thought that the pressed looked better. Also, it did not do a great job of preventin