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  1. Since last Saturday i have been using: Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash Boots Expert Anti-Redness Serum 30ml Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Day Moisturiser SPF 15- 50ml Expert Anti-Blemish Gel 15ml all in that order same at night time except for the Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Day Moisturiser SPF 15- 50ml as this is just a day mosturizer reason I have been using Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash instead of Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam 150ml is because i tr
  2. Ok update 18 days after first ipl treatment not impressed really, see no change, although i dont think i will see a diference until second or even third treatment my skin is breakin out like crazy crazy. dont know if it the ipl or the skin care range i bought from them. but my skin hasnt been this bad in a long time will be mentionin this when i go on the 21st. blah
  3. Last Thursday I went to a cosmectic clinic in town after deciding on IPL Photorejuvenation. I told her I wanted IPL for acne/acne scars/red marks/large pores/freckles/veins on nose. She did a test patch which was 30 pound, (you get this knocked of your first treatment) she said if Im suitable I would need 5 treatments she also sold me £101 worth of Environ b-active skincare range. it consists of a pre-cleanser a cleanser a toner a moisturizer a spot stick a face mask and a sunscreen. So I wen
  4. I have been of Lymecycline since 24 Jan 09. Anyone know if it is possible to have IPL Treatment now, or do i have to wait 6 months This is the place I am prob going to go to http://www.cheshireimages.co.uk/vpl_photo.html
  5. I didnt know that I had to be of lymecycline 6 months until i cud have sum kind of peel to get rid of red marks and scars has anyone ever had a peel while on lymecycline? if so what were the results? i was told if i was to have a peel now, my skin wud crack bleed and lead to more scarring? im going to come of lymecycline now. and hopefully in the 6 months wont have to bad a breakout. thanks
  6. i heard on the radio about skin genesis. looked it up on net, seen this: * 25 Trial Peel (rrp £60) Ever wondered what a peel might do for your complexion? We have a full range on our SkinSpa menu but this low cost trial allows you to have one of the best for just £25!. We have been using Agera medical peels for some time now and continue to be impressed how the deep acting peel stimulates the cells deep within the skin to promote collagen and elastin production while reducing blocke
  7. Is this stuff available to buy in the uk? maybe boots or tesco>? Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel been looking online and it seems you can only get it from US sites?
  8. Last thursday i started using quinoderm face wash and quinoderm 5 cream I was washing my face and drying with a towel and then 10 mins later applying a thin layer of cream all over the afected areas. doing this mornin and night I did exaclty the same yday morning,, then at night time i had a bath and while in the bath my face started stingin, so i got out and washed the quinoderm cream of my face with the quinoderm face wash, doh. dryed my face it felt very very dry and itchy, so i left the cre
  9. so yday i went back to my derm i have been on trimethoprim for 6 months worked ok after 2 months, but last 3 weeks of treatment my skin has been aweful so many breakouts,,, clogged pores, black heads i hardly ever wear makeup wash face with cetaphil day n night an that is it after offering me accutane (been on it 3 times) and me sayin no my derm then realed of loads of antibiotics names, sayin shal we try this, shal we try this to which i answered no, cause i have already tried those.... (been
  10. my derm recommended i get OC Eight http://www.oc8.co.uk/ my skin is so greasy/oily anyone tried this? mant gud reviews on net bout it 9.99 for a tube and u can get from boots.
  11. Not sure if this is the right board for this, but i have acne and scars and am using this to clear both, hopefully i crushed 3 aspirin and added some water, ad to pour some water away as put in to much but the aspirin seemed to seperate from the water and then i was just applyin like a chalkey substance dont know if i did it right! right now its flakin of my face, ad on for 10 mins.
  12. i finished accutane end of april. is it right, that you cant have any surgery due to healin probs for at least 6 months after your last pill? i read it sumwhere that it was 6months and cant find anythin on it now.
  13. ive been on acne treatments since i was 12 yrs old im now 23 ive been on accutane 4 times, last time, was,, i started nov 07, ended treatment april 08 was clear, but two weeks of havin no pills, i started to break out yet again. right now, my whole face feels like there are hidden spots waitin to come through not good and since 12 yrs old, nearlly every spot has left me with a red mark last week i got put on trimethoprim 300mg in mornin and same at nite. couple yrs back, tried gycolic acid 30
  14. Hi Yeh 5mg for the whole 4 months, then i have an appointment to go back to him to see how im doing. when i was accutane the other times, i was on about 15mg for a month and then 20mg for the last 3 months. i get the feeling he realy doesnt wana give me anything and they are sick of seeing me there. and so fobed me of with a low dose, just to keep me happy that i am actually on something. i was literally in there 3 mins, after waiting an hour to see him, grrrr i have no spots on my fac
  15. Ok so this will be my third time on accutane now i was on it yrs back then on it again the beg of this yr for 3 months things were fine for a couple months of it, and then started the dreaded break outs again. so went to my doc who perscribed Erythromycin and in 2 weeks i was nearlly clear again, i thought wow miracle drug better than accutane so i went back to doc and he perscribed 3 months worth and also wrote to the hospital to get me an appointment there, just incase the breakouts came b