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  1. -------------------------- Hey! you got to neutralize the baking soda, thats why this happend to you. Vinegar is the way to go. Apple cider vinegar. I have tried it and it works. The small bumps on your skin now is blisters, and they will go away. You can rub on them or let them dry out. Put some cooling lotion on it, the pain will go away soon maybe a day or two. -------------------------- Hey! you got to neutralize the baking soda, thats why this happend to you. Vineg
  2. Speaking of flakes. I have some trouble with my skin in the winter, it gets really dry. But I have found something that has helped me a lot. It´s a sponge, I bought it on e-bay. I use mine with an oil and alcohol free facial cleanser. It really softens up my skin and takes care of the dead skin cells. It exfoliates the skin so you have to be careful not to rub to long at the same place, I did and that burns your skin.
  3. Miamaria


    Hi This sounds really interesting. Do anyone know if zink would work, onto skin? There are something in the pharmaci called zinkpaste? It could be worth a try.....
  4. Hi Hensiku. I used only a cleanser of glycolic acid 12% and it took me 2 months too see results. Then a person told me to also use acid as a lotion to leave on my face all day and another to use at night, (must use with sunscreen). Now I see even better results. But my scarring are pretty deep, so is my red marks. They are not gone yet. But I´m still wating. Yeaster day I purshased a peel on 30%, to use once a week too. I really want to get rid of my marks faster, so I thought I should tr
  5. The makeup I use is called I.D Makeup and is very best thing I have ever tried. And I have tried the cheapest crap to the most expensive ones but never been really found something for my type of skin. Nothing seem to cover. And it's so hard when u want to look nice but u can't show ureself without makeup because ure skin isn't super smooth and blemish free. I never go out without makeup. The I.D is a mineral based makeup that really can cover up acne and red marks very good. Even people wit
  6. I have tried this regimen with c-vitamine to cure red marks. And been so for about 2 and a 1/2 months now. At first I started by taking a lemon in a glass of water, every day. I thought it was much easier this way, because I really hate pills. But I was feed up with all the lemonwater after a month, and without any results shown on my face. So I started taking the vitamines in pill form, chewing just about 10 per day that's 4500mg. And every day when I woke up I took a good look in the mi
  7. I´ve been thinking a lot and thought why not try out this medical soap "provon" that I heard so much about. The only thing I want to know is..... what does Microbial Proliferation mean? It said on a webpage that provon give or gets or has microbial proliferation. I have no idea myself what this is exactly so I can just guess whether it´s a good or a bad thing. And I don´t have any lexikon at home. I´ll be so pleased if any one could help me. Thanks!
  8. I have used bp from time to time, long before I found this site on the web. But back then It didn´t know what I known today. There wasn´t any "good" instructions on packages i bought, of how to use the product. It didn´t say that you should use bp for a long period to stay clear. And did not say anything of mosturizer. So I have thought of a possibility of way I´m getting this redness. That I´m using it to often. But when I read the regimen, Dan said that you should/can use it
  9. Me skin is still red and itchi. I look like a fool. Red face and white neck isn´t pretty. Plus, it feels like I´m getting a headace every time I put bp on. Is it because I use it in my forehead and it dries out very much?? And my eyes feels really dry to..... strange I think. Shouldn´t the redness and itchiness be gone by now???
  10. I read about vitamine B5 here on the net, that it has an affect on acne, is this really tru? Has anyone tried it?