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  1. I have dumbo ears too the ladies love them hehe......and acne. Im a skinny white dude. I have scars not acne ones but real ones. one on my face and one on my abdomin, but i dont let that get me down. I say fuck them they dont know you. just be your self and stop assuming they dont like you. thats my policy. My friend is a zit faced dude and he is working his magic on one of the hottest chicks i ever seen.......people are alot more understanding than you think......and if they aren't screw th
  2. but it also decreases stress levels
  3. the purpose bar and the liquid cleanser where both too drying for me
  4. i did the same thing. I work out side so i was gettin a tan on every part of my body exept for my face. half way on my sideburns you could see a line where one side was dark (for a formerly pasty white guy) and one side was pasty white. I went on vacation and my doctor told me to stop using bp in the moring ....long story short we ended up camping an one day i forgot my sunscreen at the campsite and i fried.
  5. So here is what i did. During highschool my mom got me on the habbit of picking my zits. All during highschool my face was full of zits and now i come to realize it was all my fault. About two months ago i got tired of my acne so i tried the regimen. I tried it for about a week and i had a doctors appointment(I had been going to my doctor all throughout highschool and he didn't help me at all). My doctor went to Iraq so igot a new doctor and he was more helpful, he told me exactly step by s
  6. i got two .......When you hate your seinor picture because you dont look like that (They touch it up to make you look better).....When you hate youre 7th grade picture because you realize that you did look like that at one time.
  7. i am really kinda getting annoyed. I tried the regimen for about a week and then i went to the doctor(not a derm which is prolly a mistake). He put me on bensoyl peroxide and erythromycin and a moisturiser the eucerin one. and at night he put me on erythromycin and differin. So my face started to clear up but i still have red marks, lotsof them. I saw something that wasn't a zit and i thought it might me a skin rash. So i changed it to bensoyl peroxide in the morning and a moistureiser. and