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  1. I am so happy for you!!! YOu are free!!! :D/ Happy anniversary =D>
  2. Why not use for men? As far as I know there is nothing out there as far as covering up scars or anything especially for men. Hope you find something. You may want to check out the forum specifically for scars. Maybe you can find some solutions there. Good luck.
  3. hey, anytime. This is our one chance to live our lives to the fullest. It's hard not to let acne get in the way because of all the ways it effects us, but life goes on with or without acne. We can't let it stop us from being our true selves. For a while I turned into somewhat of a recluse because of it, and I am usually very outgoing and loved going out, but I didn't want to because I was embarassed. I regret that. Nobody cared about my acne as much as I did, that's for sure! It will get
  4. I will be thinking of you! Just wait...in two weeks you will see a difference. [-o< Xilatia keep me posted!
  5. Ani- Revelon colorstay, huh? i will have to check that out. I cannot beleive that your husband has never seen you without make up! How the hell do you do that?Do you sleep in it? I have been married for two years. At first I was embarassed about it, but you know what, the first time he saw me without make up, nothing changed. If you stop wearing make up all the time, your skin may clear up more. Just tell your husband, "I am taking off my make up and you had better tell me I am pretty w
  6. hi ani - i had mild acne. I always had a nasty breakout around my mouth area, mostly my chin. it was really gross. My nose , covered in blackheads and mounds on my forehead and hairline. My cheeks would only get an occasional pimple. I am female and I did wear makeup until my face cleared up. I haven't tried anything new since I have been clear. I don't know if what I used to use contributed to it, but I am looking on this site for make up recommendations to try. I have been on the reg
  7. I don't know of any waterproof make up, but I say talk to your girlfriend. Don't you want her to know and understand you as a person? I seriously don't think she is going to break up with youover bad skin. maybe she can even help. honesty will improve your relationship and bringyou closer, so you don't have to feel embarassed. go for it anad good luck [-o<
  8. my husband uses a concealer (cover girl cover stick) and loose powder to cover up pimples. just try to find a concealer that matches your skin tone. I know it may be weird shopping for make up but who cares? Nobody knows it's for you, it could be for you wife or girlfriend. You could also be a drag queen on weekends, so who cares! good luck.
  9. Can't you just use your moisturizer as a suncreen? Neutrogena has an spf 15. If you are just lokking for sunscreen, I love Mary Kay spf 30 sunblock. (oil free) It feels great on the skin, light and non greasy good luck [-o<
  10. Your being upset and angry about all this is totally understandable. I 'm really sorry that your mom doesn't understand how you feel about this. If it is hard to conversate with her, maybe write her a note saying how much pain this has caused you and what you wouldlike to do about it and how she can help. If it's sincere, she may change her mind. I don't know her, but if you are set on getting rid of acne you have to be willing to do whatever it takes and it osunds like you are willing. Sta
  11. I think that different product work differently for different people because each person has a differnt balance of oils and other chemical secretion on their faces that mix with the products. Proactiv worked for me for a few months and then my acne just reappeared as if my skin just got used to it and it wasn't enough anymore, I don't know, but I hope that this continues to work for you. The regimen is what has worked for me. That's awsome that you're feeling so much better about yourself. T
  12. I put 10% Bp(everyday) on my back for treatment. That has done wonders. Also neutrogena has a skin clearing body wash. I don't use it, but I've seen it in stores. It has SA in it I think. It's probably difficult to dry out your back as it is not nearly as sensitive as facial skin. Good luck. [-o<
  13. There is just no way I could possible stay out of the sun. I do not wear the BP while I am in the sun for prolonged periods, like if I am spending hte day swimming or at the beach. I use Mary Kay SPF 30 sunblock and I love it!!! It's oil free and it has been wonderful to my skin. It's really light and it feels nice on too. Not greasy like most sunscreens. I stick to the regimen aside from that. I just wouldn't mix the BP and sunbathing. Other than that I don't think that regular sunlight
  14. Just be careful. This is your face we're talking about. There is no way to hide it should anything happen to it. Have you tried the regimen? Think about why you are doing this. I am not saying don't do it, but just write down five really good, solid reasons you want to do this. The think about why you wouldn't want to do it. If you didn't do it, what are your alternatives? Although laser use on the face has been proven safe within the short time frame that it has been available, there ar
  15. If you keep switching products on your skin, it will get pissed off. I tried proactiv and I was not impressed at all. It worked a little bit for a little while, but overall I think it sucks, but that's just my opinion. I would say don't waste your money. You can find what really works right here on this website and you can get everything at the drugstore.Stop makingyou skin readjust and readjust. Start The Regimen and stick to it. Once you face has adjusted to it, you will have clear skin