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  1. I use Proactiv right now and it works great. I am running out of the Cleanser and lotion, so I need to order more. I think you can do it on their website, if not, I guess you could just call. Not Sure.
  2. Hello, Ya I was sceptical to, but I am desperate. I will try anything now. I still have not received it though. Still waiting. Alecia
  3. 1. Did you experience an initial breakout? 2. How long was it until you saw results? 3. Where can you get the stuff? 4. How much is it? Thanks!
  4. If anyone is interested, I have not recieved it in the mail yet.
  5. Hello, Today I got very tired and frustrated with my skin, so I turned towards my computer for hope, like I always do, to find the CURE (whatever that is). All I did was type up "Acne" and I found a website that does not have much information about their product, but it looks new (I think they are just trying to get customers to buy their product and hope it works) Basically, it seems like they want it to be the "new" Proactiv. Well, the product only cost me $2.95 (not so bad). I'll see if t
  6. Hello, I have mild to moderate acne. I use Proactiv which works OK. I still get bad breakouts around that time of the month for us girls. But I was thinking of trying Head and Shoulder's shampoo. I have heard that it has cleared people's acne before. Most people use it for back acne, and some even use it on their face. It has Zinc in it, which I guess that is what does the trick? I know someone has already posted this. I just noticed. Another question was, doesn't Baby Diaper Rash Ointment
  7. Thanks for the replies. I am now on my third day of Doxycycline 100mg. Nothing big happening so far. I got three new pimples, but they were gone the next day (I didn't pick). My face is peeling a lot (my scars and old pimple areas). Thanks again! Alecia
  8. Hello, I have mild to moderate acne. About 5 to 6 years ago I took tetracycline sumycine 250 and I never got any pimples. I ran out of the medication, and did not recieve any more because my parents were no longer with Kaiser P. We are now with Kaiser P. again and my doctor perscribed me Doxycycline 100mg. I just started today. I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced with this medication? Anything about it would be great. Alecia
  9. I used Proactiv, it worked very good. The toner stinged a bit, but it has glycolic acid in it to rid of any scars. Proactiv is too expensive though, so I tried Klear Action. That worked good, not that much as Proactiv. Then I found AcneFree. I have been using it for about three months, it works great. The toner does not sting, but it does not have the acid in it, so it is a bit harder to get rid of scars. The repair lotion has these beads in it which feel funny. But they disolve into the skin.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Ya, I did burn my self because those areas are really sensitive. It healed up pretty fast, so I am not worried anymore. I did a face cloth that had 14% AHA. Got it at Longs. They said it is used at spas.
  11. I just did a glycolic acid mask thing (AHA). It took off all my dead skin, and my skin looks really good, but I have had these 2 old scars forever (1 on each cheek). But now they are not scars, but opened wounds, like the skin fell off and I have an opened wound now. Is that part of the process. Does it take off the dead skin opening it again, then heals it up and then takes the dead skin off and I'm fine or what?
  12. Someone said on the message boards that the pills do nothing, but someone else tried it with out the pills because they were too sensitive to BP, and they said they still got a little clear. I heard it is like a hormonal thing, it calms it down. I tried it three times. The first time I still got zits every now and then, but I looked pretty clear. I stoped because I was young and did not have a job. I got it again once I had money and it cleared me up again. I do not know why I stop again. I th
  13. Yes. Proactiv helps with red marks. I used it, but had to stop because it was too expensive. The proactiv toner has Glycolic Acid in it. After I started proactiv my skin would peel a little and my old scars would start to peel away. The toner does sting on open wounds though. Ouch.
  14. Help! I have had these two stubborn acne scars on my face for a long time, but just when I think they are starting to go away, they turn into huge red marks. All I have been doing is putting a scar kit called acneraser on my face which slowly gets rid of the scars, then about twice a week I do a chemical peel from olay, and almost every night I put on the aspirin mask, but only do all of this on my two scars. I am thinking of screwing all that shit becuase my face now looks 10 times worse.
  15. The product is exactly like Zeno. Half said it worked, Half said it didn't. It is a risk taker and about 50 bucks, which is a positive thing though because Zeno is hella expensive, 250. I would give it a go becuase the product is as much as proactiv.