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  1. I recently had 4 punch excisions done...I think 2 will come out really well, one just ok, and the last one has been made bigger. In researching punch excisions, it seems like there is about a 50% chance you take when you decide to do this. So I would make your decision based on that average.
  2. Hey all, Sorry it's been so long since I posted. So, Jan. 10 had the excisions. Stitches taken out on Jan. 17. Still healing. A few things I want to touch on that I'm not sure others have really touched on. I WAS NOT psychologically ready for these excisions and I scheduled them at the worst possible time of the month for me. I went into full scale PMS right at the time I had the stitches taken out. I broke out in places I've never even dreamt I would break out because of trying to kee
  3. rosegirl, I can't really tell from the pics but I do think your skin looks pretty darn good. You don't have any discoloration at all and by doing laser, you are taking a chance with messing that up. If you are pretty fair then your chances are great, but if you have any ethnic blood in you at all, please, please, please think twice about laser. Hyperpigmentation is the very devil to get rid of.
  4. BTW, these pictures were taken 36 hours after the excisions. I kept the band-aids on for the first 24 per instructions, then when I took them off, treated the areas with hydrogen peroxide and aquaphor. This will go on for 2x a day until they stop crusting (which they actually never really crusted in the first place.) I do not really see very much red at all today. I'm getting the stitches out next Wednesday (7 days after the surgery), and already I can't wait!
  5. Ok I resized and that did take care of the problem....thanks!
  6. Well, here are the pics. I'm not quite sure why 2 are blue, but you can see the placement of the excisions. Also, they had to be much closer to my face than I'm normally comfortable with, showing off my pores, freckles, and wrinkles in great detail. But I'm still working on all that with the glycolic washes and glycolic line of skincare I'm using.
  7. Hmmmmm, thanks. It is a jpeg already, but I'll see if my daughter can help me resize.
  8. Oh good, someone else is having problems too. It's my second time trying to upload and I'm getting the same page you are. BTW, how do you resize a picture? Any tips would be great.
  9. Delta Force, I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say ice picks that resemble boxcars?? My ice picks were small in diameter but deep which is why I am not expecting 100% leveling out of this excision....my best expectation is that the excision will change the scar from a deep ice pick to a shallow ovalish boxcar type scar. My chickenpox scars on my forehead are deeper and we will do the punch floats on them because too much tissue mass was lost from them. One is too large in diameter t
  10. Oh yeah, the price quoted to me was $5,000 for a full face and supposedly someone on the board had one spot treated on the nose for $200 (I think). Expect recovery time to be pretty long 2-3 weeks because it is a deep resurfacing procedure like CO2 or dermabrasion.
  11. I *think* the Varilite Laser would be the best for this. This is from the website of a doctor I am considering going to see: The VariLite Laser is used to rid the face and body of unsightly hyperpigmentation or sun-spots. The light is absorbed by the melanin in the skin. After your treatment the spot will darken and flake off in 1-3 weeks. Discomfort is brief and tolerable. All skin types can be treated. If your sunspots are very light in color the best choice for you may be The Obagi Nu-Derm
  12. Annde, Thank you for the kind words. Ylem, so far every doctor has said my scarring is not esp. severe. However, because I have many small ones, the overall picture sucks. I don't expect 100% with the excisions, but I do hope to raise them enough so that I can level the whole playing field, so to speak, when I do the full face erbium. MariaT, I will PM you with that info. I did however get his name from another poster on this board who had one excision done by him and posted her pic. He se
  13. Congratulations on your excisions!..wishing you a speedy recovery... All my Best, Blythe