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  1. I swear im not as hardcore as i used to be but still a lil cautious and im HUNGRY! I want cheesecake and ice cream so bad along with chocalte cake and a large cheese pizza! I pretend acne is a disease and the only way to survive is by eating right. it helps. what a way to live life!
  2. thats all i want to do is eat whatever i want. eat right but still be able to eat like a normal person.
  3. i use benzaclyn. is that bad? do u think my face can get red after i eat junk food? sometimes i feel like it does. but i know the benzaclyn has to do be a reason why its red. thanks
  4. my bro said it helps take the redness away from him(which he never is red) but i think it makes my skin red. Like i can tell cuz near my eye area (wich is where i dont put any on) its regular skin color but everywhere else (like on my cheeks) seems to be rosy. so do yall think i should stop using it?
  5. do you think its okay if i take them at the same time during the day also? THANKS!
  6. im young too! my friend even noticed them! WTF! ive tried all the creams you can buy at the drug store and they just seem to have gotten worse! PLEASE HELP! and how much do you think this proceduer will cost? thanks alot!
  7. so yeah, im young too! my friend was like "why do you have bags under your eyes?" WTF! im young and i tried everything so im asking is there a laser or procedure or even botox that can get rid of them! PLEASE HELP!
  8. oh yeah whats a good brand of zinc vitamins to buy or does it not matter? thanks!
  9. the best cereal for people that have acne is ALL BRAN. its really good and its glycemic (or however u spell it) level is low. try it!
  10. i saw a commercial with sarah jessica parker advertising this new garnier product for skin where she says it has omega 3 in it! i went to the site and it say one has zinc for pore clinsing. anyways has anyone tried these? if so how do they work? thanks http://skinnaturals.garnier.ca/en/franchise_pure.asp check em!
  11. so my doctor says not to take no pills 2 weeks before surgery. Do the fish pills count or are they like vitamins and can i still take em? I guess i could have asked him but oops i didnt. Thanks
  12. okay so ive been taking the fish pills for two weeks now and my skin hasnt really changed, if anything my face has gotten oilyer. I have been eating wheats on the pills and for some reason i find that i break out more now that im eating wheats and the pills then when i wasnt taking the pills but was still eating the wheats. can someone explain this to me. I so frustrated! does it get better as i start to tak more? this whole weak ive been taking 8 pills to get the 2 grams. HELP PLEASE!