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  1. Hey guys, my apologies if this has been posted before. I did a forum search, but nothing really came up...or I might have not been looking hard enough. Anyway, I'm currently on my fifth and final month of accutane for the second time. Throughout the course of my accutane, I've been on Claravis for three months, Amnesteem last month, and I just started Sotret yesterday. Today, I shaved (with Gillette SensorExcel and Aveeno Shaving Cream) and I noticed little bumps particularly along my cheek. I'
  2. i agree. my acne always gets worst during late spring and through summer.
  3. I just remembered this and wanted to post it. It's a post from Felicia, awhile ago. I wonder if this would really work. I have found this about the relationsip of milk, Acidophilus, and acne Bad news: I discovered 16 years ago through trial and error that milk was the cause of my acne. Good news: I discovered 11 years ago that 8 oz. daily of yogurt with a live culture of acidophilus made it possible to consume milk without breaking out. The texture of my skin even changed and I no longer have g
  4. I've been drinking silk's organic vanilla soy milk. i like it. i'm was drinking whey protein shakes with lots of milk in may and june. it broke me out like crazy. i'm still trying to bulk up a little. here's the ingredients: Silk Soymilk - Vanilla, Half-Pint, Quart, Half-Gallon Filtered Water, Whole Organic Soybeans, Naturally Milled Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Sea Salt, Carrageenan, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B12.
  5. I'm male, 19 years old. I started on my second course today. My first pimple was a in third grade. It was a huge cyst on the tip of my nose. Ever since then my acne has been off and on. One year it will be moderate and the next I will be mild to almost clear. I am about to start my second year of college next month and here I am on accutane again. I was on it a couple years ago near the beginning of my senior year in high school. After that course, I was pretty much clear. I got the occasional p
  6. Don't know if it's really bad for you...but I'm exactly the same way. I actually had curry yesterday and my metabolism is super high as well.
  7. I have been on septra, tazorac, and clindamycin for two months now. i just saw my derm today. she's keeping me on taz and replacing everything else with 40mg of accutane (1x daily). i think i experienced an initial breakout the first month on tazorac and the other meds...so hopefully i won't again on 'tane.
  8. wow...one week? you could always try dermablend. for me, it looks completely natural and covers most of my red marks. as someone said before, take caution if you're going to experiment this week to try and fade them...you might make it worse. good luck.
  9. I was on accutane and was clear for almost a year and half. If I remember correctly, my derm says it takes about a month to get out of your system after you stop taknig it.
  10. I've been on the lotion for about 8 weeks now...I don't know if it's actually helped to reduce any of my current acne, but I think it has helped in preventing new breakouts. It's also keeps my skin smooth and works as a great moisturizer.
  11. I'm starting on my eighth week of septra today. It definitely has made my face really smooth and almost got rid of all the active acne. It's just the red marks galore that are bothersome right now.
  12. Someone posted this awhile ago, I never tried it though: good news: I discovered 11 years ago that 8 oz. daily of yogurt with a live culture of acidophilus made it possible to consume milk without breaking out. The texture of my skin even changed and I no longer have grains of hardened oil that I used to feel under the skin of my face. Today I can eat chocolate, French fries, cola drinks and chocolate malts, ice cream, cheese, and other foods that have been implicated in acne, without breaking
  13. I have been using tazorac for 6 months now, at first my acne had gotten worse within the first 2 months, but it started clearing up on my 3rd month, and now i am almost acne free. I think tazorac is better for people who have a more oiler type skin, because i had no problem with drying/itchy skin (because i have extremely oily skin). I think this will help with some of the drying. For the first 3 weeks i applied tazorac every other night, so my skin could get used to the product, then i starte