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  1. should you attempt to pop a cyst if its got blood coming out it- not full on blood but theres a small hole and you can tell some bloods been leaking
  2. i was prescribed this by my GP today to treat my cyst- but i cant find much info on the internet about it- what exactly is it?
  3. good job! your transformation is truly incredible- you must of really strictly stuck to the regime- quick question- arent you scared someone from ur school/college/work is gonna come on this website and see your pics and everything? dont worry- im not saying its a bad thing what ur doing (hell im here after all) but other people wont see it that way
  4. I started the clear skin regimen exactly on 2 June 2005 and 6 months later i am finally clear First of all let me tell ALL the people who are just starting this regime and going through problems such as itching, redness, lack of progress etc etc to just GIVE IT SOME TIME and i can safely ASSURE you that after the 2 month mark you will DEFINATELY see big NOTICIABLE improvements! i started off with lots of little irritating issues with moisturisers and cleansers etc etc and eventually settled on a
  5. hi jessica- ive been reading your post about applying antibiotic cream to your red marks which should hopefully make them fade- anyway i live in the UK so we need a prescription for antibiotic cream so i had to go see my doctor- i didnt explicitly state that i needed it to clear my red marks and instead was given it to help with my red boils (nodules)- so anyway she gave me something called 'ZINDACLIN 1% GEL' which was 'clindamycin phosphate' and was an antibiotic gel made for acne, also it say
  6. your talking about those big red annoying bastards that BP has no effect on and take weeks to go away right? i hate those things! so far my whole skin is perfect apart from these which come occasionally one at a time and take ages to go im going to see my doctor on monday to ask about any antibiotics i can take to help heal them quicker (im going to ask for antibiotic cream that jessica stuart uses) in the mean time i would recommend applying BP EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! i mean forehead, just above ey
  7. just use PEARS- its extremely cheap (£1 from superdrug) and works excellent with the regimen
  8. for me this one works really well and its not expensive at all: http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1003157
  9. ive been on the clear skin regimen for about 6 months now and around the 4 month mark everything was going great- my skin was finally clear and i only ocassionally got small spots and zits that would go very quickly- now onto my problem: about this time i started getting this new kind of spot mostly around my forehead area- it started it out small very red and sore when touched- applying BP on it made no difference except for making it less red and more drier- this red 'thing' would continue to
  10. i live in the uk and you cant get neosporin or in fact any antibiotic cream over the counter at pharmacies- what we have instead are antiseptic creams- is this the same thing and ok to use on the regime- this is the one i am presently using: \http://www.reachpharmacy.com/shop/customer/product.php?productid=23453&cat=0&page=1 thanks
  11. for months ive been having problems with finding the perfect moisturiser till i stumbled upon eucerin......... the only problem is i live in the UK and all we've got is the eucerin dry skin relief face cream http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1029095 and not the one dan recommends my Q. is- is this version just as good and if not is it at least suitible too use on the regimen thanks
  12. ok- so basically ive been on the regimen for 7 weeks and everythings going fine- in fact for the past 4-5 days ive had no new spots at all- but in a few days time i will be going camping with some friends meaning for 7 days i wont be able to apply any bp and can only use moisturiser- my Question is: if you steer of the regimen for say a week do you have to start the regimen all over again and is your previous progress completely void- i.e. shall i start back to slow doses of bp and will it take
  13. for oily skin as a moisturiser i would recommend nivea visage oil free moisturiser which is also non-com and protects from the sun from boots (and its very cheap too!) http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1003157
  14. dont get too excited...yet many people on these forums seem to see breakouts in weeks 3,6,8 so hopefully by 2 months you should be 'remarkably clear' like dan likes to say- just though id tell you before you witness any 'nasty' surprises
  15. you definately HAVE to at least wash your face- cleansing actually helps but isnt do or die