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    Is scarzone a cream based product? It may be some of the cream that is mixing in with the oil on your face and creating the little white balls or if you are applying it on top of other cream based products--either that or some of the scarzone is just not fully penetrating the skin--not much to worry about as I have this problem with just about every product I use. I usually just apply the product at night before bed if it balls up like that and wash off in AM.
  2. jjmax


    Yes--thanks Been there--I am going to try to find this tomorrow as well. I very shallow scarred pores mixed with some minor hypertrophic scarring and even if this helps a little it will be good--at $7 it isn't a major investment!
  3. jjmax


    BeenThere--can you tell us what the product looks like when applied to the skin--the description from the box says it forms an"invisible patch"--is this true or can you see the stuff on your skin after applied. Also, is it sticky, tacky, matttifying, etc--any detaials on the texture of the product would help as well. Thanks
  4. Sebaceous hyperplasia are usually on the forehead and nose, sometimes the cheeks, usually not found on the bottom part of the face. Basically, they are sebaceous glands which protrude onto the surface of the skin. If they are sebaceous hyperplasia, you should see a large hole or pore in the middle of it, surrounded by raised skin. Kinda looks like a wart with a big hole in the middle. Watch them for a fee weeks or months--if they start to disappear then they are not sebaceuos hyperplasia as
  5. I thouhgt Retin-a was supposed to make your skin thicker, not thinner. Anyone know which it is? Thanks
  6. I have been on silicea 6x for two weeks and have not noticed anything at all. Im taking 4 pills 4 times a day, no worse, no better. Should I increase the dosage?
  7. You can get samples from Linda Sy as well--$10 plus shipping for four different .25 ounce samples. She has a few acne products, sunscreens, mosturizers etc--just click on the Sample Size link at the bottom right of each product description. Linda Sy is a real doctor and is totally legit--she used to contribute to the roscea forum on Yahoo. Her tinted zinco sunscreen is supposed ot be very good though I have never tried it myself.
  8. That sounds like a skin graft as opposed to fat transfer. I thought fat transfer is where they suck some fat out of your body and then put in a machine that separates the fat from the rest of the stuff and then they inject the fat into the hole, like they would with other fillers. Did the mayo doctors call this fat rasnfer or is that just your interpretation. Anyway, sounds like you will be happy with results--congrats.
  9. I have been taking the Silicea 6x for about three days--four tablets a time, four times a day. I think I may be going through some detox--can anyone tell me what this is supposed to feel like. I am really tired, kinda quesy, and feel spaced out. Is this in my head? How long does this general bad feeling last? Thanks
  10. I think Healthy Skeptic and "302 I s a Scam" should get a room already--or maybe they are the same poster with different logins--that would be ironic if the poster raising such a fuss about fraud is in fact a fraud himself. Funny how "302 Is a Scam" only has 13 posts...hmmmm
  11. Florida Guy--whee in FLA did you have the procedure done and what did you get charged? I am in Fort Myers and looking for a doc with this laser. Also, could you point out what kind of scarring you are trying to treat? Thanks
  12. I think the distinction between an enlarged pore and a scarred pore is that enlarged pores are oftentimes referred to as blackheads, a pore that is clogged with oil and debris, enlarging the pore to the point where it is quite visible. A scarred pore on the other hand is often the result of a regular zit that left shallow, atrophic (and perhaps redness)--the zit is gone but there remains a shallow scar that looks like an icepick but is usually smaller in diameter and not as deep as an icepick.
  13. an infected hair follicle usually looks very pronounced, like a big red blister or cyst. If the skin is not raised up then I would doubt it is infected, could be be just some irritation or leftover redness from acne or possibly the beginning signs of rosacea which is a condition characterized by persistent redness on the cheeks and forehead and accompanying enlarged pores. Roscea tends to come in the late twenties, thirties or even forties so not sure how old you are. Shaving an infected hair
  14. Lalala--thanks for the info but still not sure what kind of scars you are using this on--somepeople use the word "scar" but really mean redness or hyperpigmentation. Are you suing the rose hip on any kind of pitted, atrophic scar or is just helping with redness left over from pimples. Thanks
  15. Can you be more specific on types of scars you have--especially if you have icepicks or scarred pores. Thanks