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  1. I just wanted to say that i've been taking TAURINE for one year, since beginning of 2008 (around the time that this topic was posted). Well it has been helping me ever since, either I don't get pimples or pimples do not become inflammed and are not filled with huge mounts of white blood cells just a small dot. . I eat everything except anything related to MILK and NUTS. MILK breaks me out no matter what. I use to eat coconut oil for anti-inflamation but the results didn't last for long, plus it
  2. I think we should do a tally of who has been helped by taurine to kind of start an official study going.
  3. I found that betaine HCL is helping with my spots. Well at least im not getting any big ones even if I eat pizza, wheat and other things. But I guess I need to start using cayenne as a supplement to help me out. I might have to try to see IF i gets spots when I eat stuff im not suppose to and supplementing with cayeene. I also found out that it is better to supplement with CAYENNE POWDER AND NOT CAPSULES YOU CAN READ ABOUT THIS MAGNIFICENT HERB HERE! I already eat chili cuz im mexican but I th
  4. "One role of taurine is to inhibit the over-production of skin cells. Therefore a deficiency in taurine will lead to hyperkeratinization due to the absence of it's inhibitory effects." I have not found anything on the internet saying this do you guys have a website I could read that is .org or .edu Also, I read that taurine has anti-anxiety and helps your wounds(pimples) heal faster is that maybe why your experiencing less acne instead?
  5. well i have one question to your first post about this subject. You are saying that table sugar has fructose and glucose right? Didnt the red bull that you drank contain sugar it self? Or did it just contain glucose as part of the sweetner? Another thing- what other things would you suggest to avoid that contain fructose: fructose containing things that I didnt even know that contained fructose like WHEAT which makes sense since it breaks out a lot of people. Do other foods contain fructos
  6. I use to take 50mg per day for over a year I believe and it did cure my acne and i was able to eat everything i wanted but it did make my skin very very dry. My legs looked like i was really old and my hands dry also....I noticed that I was getting spots recently and noticed that the scars from those spots took like a week just to form a scabby before it wanted to go away. I'm not sure if i finally reached the overdose point
  7. so what do the androgen and insulin affect a leaky gut? do these cause one another? I know that from stress you can get a leaky gut and from insulin spikes (too many carbohydrates cause a leaky gut) I'm trying to see what would actually help me. I know that i use to eat protein shakes and proten with vegetables all the time and I was pretty much clear all the time but started to change my diet a bit by eating more things like bread etc. and I started to take zinc and zinc seemed to cure me but
  8. I have been reading some of your posts Healthoid..thanks by the way for your information. I know you have celaic disease as well as being lactose intolerant right? Did you take those tests as well? How did your results change your lifestyle? I know you dont eat grains..but there are gluten free grains like rice and corn.
  9. but how will i know what food not to eat? other than if i come positive for any of those I would know for what food but what about the rest of food(e.i. corn, pepper,oranges,etc)? 1. celiac disease.- THIS IS FOR WHEAT RIGHT? 2. lactose intolerance- THIS IS FOR MILK PRODUCTS 3. intestinal permeability test (leaky gut test)--WHAT IS THIS FOR? 3. stool analysis for SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)- AND THIS? CANDIDA? how will these be more helpfull than (These will give you a lo
  10. how much epsom salt do you take on that final day? and how much olive oil with lemon? also how many days should one wait..do you really need 4 days?
  11. I came across a website posted by Auckland Allergy Clinic which lists the different types of food intolerance tests that there is available and discredited most of them except the one that my doctor said I should do. Proven efficacy: Skin prick RAST (blood test) Immuno CAP RAST(newer, more accurate than RAST) Unproven Procedure: Muscle Testing ALCAT VEGA ELISA/ACT HAIR ANALYSIS I know some people have been doing the ELISA test for the most part but I'm not sure which test to take now. Can