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  1. //morning and night cetaphil bp gel *shiesedo [sp?] toner eucerin skin renewal lotion [morning] bare minerals for makeup.
  2. Anyone know how to help heal severe dry skin? I put bp gel under my chin cause i had a few blemishes there and I guess I must have put some on my neck as well. Next thing you know my neck was all itchy and red. It almost looks like I got sunburned there.. but nowhere else. I've tried baby oil, lucerin moisturizer, aloe vera gel.. and well they all seem to work, but I want it to go away quicker! Oh and I used AHA on my neck and that stuff burrrrrrrrnnned! OUCH!
  3. I was using the proactiv repairing lotion as well in the beginning. I still had some left and didnt want it to go to waste. I wanted to follow the clean skin regimen correctly so I eventually ordered the BP gel. When using any BP, start out with a small amount.. otherwise you'll dry out your skin like I did to mine. My neck got bright red, dry and itchy... and its still healing! ugh. Oh reason why my neck got so icky was cause I wasnt using a moisturizer in the beginning! GOOD LUCK.