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  1. I am telling all you guys with bad cystic or nodular acne like I had to get on 80mg of accutane. I started this thread 15 years ago and I still see people fighting acne with topicals or retin A. you have to get on accutane it will clear you 96 percent. I am now a supervisor or law enforcement have a wife and child. If i still had acne like i did when i was a teen and it was as bad as bad can be i would be a hermit. please if you have it bad go to a dermatologist pay the large sum of money an
  2. I remembered I used to come on this site when I was desperate to try something new. The site owner had the regimen which I tried and it didn't work due to the fact that I had severe nodular acne. There where other threads on accutane and back at the time you could post up pictures of yourself so a lot of people kept accutane logs with updated pictures once a month. Looking at the great results I decided to try it as I had used minocycline tetracycline and a few other antibiotics that would c
  3. Wow, I started this topic almost 13 years ago. In 2005 I completed 6 months of 80mg of accutane. My acne was reduced by 95 percent. I went on to become a law enforcement officer and have a lot of different relationships. I am now outgoing with a large group of friends . I am 30 years old and am loving life. Accutane saved me at 18 years old. I urge anyone reading this to get on accutane if your acne is affecting your life. This drug literally saved me.
  4. i agree with the fool that posted above me this kid still looks like about 20 pounds of monkey crap stuffed ino a 5 pound bag.
  5. I hardly ever post here but im calling vertigo out on these pictures. There is no way in hell with his severe nodular acne that V8 and BP cleared him like this there is just no fuckin way that happens. He either A. Photoshoped his pic B.Used makeup look above his lip u can see some crap there looks like coverup C. was on accutane or an antibiotic
  6. dont let acne get in the way of meeting up with friends. there not going to care if u have it they like u for being u
  7. hey i haven't posted here in like a year or so i doubt anyone will remember me but i felt compelled to post now. i am in college and what not and this girl in one of my calasses is always like looking at me then when i turn to look at her she like looks away which is freakin me out and what have you. i got acne moderately so i think that she was looking at that and such. but i started to talk to her somehow talking about how the classes professor who is a nut lol. so for the past couple of c
  8. I recently completed a minocycline prescription and my face was 85 percent clear. After discontinuing it my face turned into a fucking oil slick. then after a few weeks i got massive breakouts. what should i do now.
  9. well after around 3 months or 2 and a half of treatment my acne is gone about 75 to 80 percent. i have to say that before starting accutane make sure you have exhausted all other possibilities. I am now almost all clear save for scarring and the ocasional pimple here and there. my life is totally diffrent and better now.
  10. theres actually light at the bar so the bartenders can see the money they recive and make sure no one is low balling them on cash.
  11. unknown soldier man i know what your saying. I am built as well and people think im a steriod freak i hate it.
  12. So you've got acne but hey we're still guys and need to get off haha. What do you do to please yourself? My personal favorite is hitting up a strip club and talking getting dances from the girls. There all pretty cool and I love the lighting at those places(dark/Strobe/colored) They will usually talk to you about your life and then you can ask questions about them all for nothing I dunno I think its pretty cool. So what do you do if you can't get a girl?
  13. My face is begging to really clear up now with the red marks fading away but the more it fades the more i see the damage to my skin. I am being left with ice pick scarring on my cheeks and near my temples. How much does laser treatment cost to repair these severe acne scars?
  14. i think that if you have been using the regimine regularly then it must have been something else that caused that to happen to your face??
  15. Week 9- No new pimples and the red marks are fading pretty quickly which is good. my derm said he wants to see me in a month and if its all good then he'll end up taking me off of the minocycline.