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  1. I was just curious to know if Retin A speeds help the healing/fading of red marks?
  2. I would say its fine as long as it doesnt feel like your face is burning off, like its sometimes does for me.
  3. I use two. Just be aware any new people to this prodcut you may experience a lot of flaking due to all the exfoliating, but stick with it and it will subside.
  4. Well after following the regimen for what I thought was ''religiously'' for 3 months, I can sadly say my face is not clear. It did clear up my face somewhat, but that is not good enough for me so I'm now using Retin A in the morning and then Benzaclin at night. The retin A has already helped my marks and scars smooth out so I think it has potential. I guess I will go ahead and tell you what I did while on the regimen. I started the regimen using Neutrogena Face wash, which is a gentle unmedicate
  5. I love this moisturizer. If your skin can tolerate it does wonders for your redmarks, and even my scars.
  6. So I went to the Derm for the first time i my life for my acne scars. The derm noticed i had some recent spots and said thats no good you will keep getting scars if you dont prevent new spots from forming, even though my cheeks are the only areas that scar and i had an sctive pimple on my temple. Then he wants to know what I'm currently using and I said 2.5% benzoly peroxide. He said well there is stronger solutions, clearasil makes a 10%. That made me so mad when he said that. So then he said
  7. You have nothing to worry about. I began the regimen applying BP twice a day. I think you should start applying it twice a day as soon as possible. The only time I experienced burning or redness was when I switched from Neutrogena On The Spot to Dan's gel. Just trying to give you some advice, I hope it works for you like it has so many others.
  8. Spot treat it with a strong Alpha Hydroxy, or, I know it's deviating from the ''rules'' but you could dab some wet baking soda on just the pimple and keep it on there the whole night.