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  1. True... but since the salt cant evaporate...it does absolutly nothing... The salt you are tasting is the salt expelled from your pores; human sweat contains salt..
  2. I too am looking for something to treat my skin without irritating it (eczema problem for about 3 years now). I can keep the skin moist with lotion but it doesn't help my acne.
  3. i dont mind drinking water, in fact I love drinking it, but I damn sure hate pissing every damn 10 minutes. I've done that on numerous occasions. Once, I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours, I had to take a piss as I have drank a 1 liter bottle of water before I hit the road. As soon as I pulled into a gas station I had to let it OUT, boy was it a RELIEF!!! I mean it damn near felt like an eternity for it to finish up but it sure felt great, hell I didn't even seem to mind the disgusting fecal matt
  4. Oh come on, I dont understand why some are giving Skunksta such a hard time. Sure some of the remarks such as calling acne sufferers as being "pitiful" is a little irrational but he's just trying to be positive and encouraging. I agree, my skin is not the most important thing to me, it is my health that matters most. This is why I would prefer this disorder to be controlled, allowing me more time for all of the other concerns in life.
  5. As the topic states, what is the % of vitamin A in the form of Accutane? Thanks guys..
  6. I used to eat whatever I pleased. However, as of lately I have stopped eating junk like chocolate and candy. Why? I can't explain, maybe because I don't enjoy it as much as I used to.
  7. We believe in you, you can do it, after all you've learned how to find and use this forum, have you not? Give it a try.
  8. i remember in high school, i would break out a week or two before the new school year began. :-k
  9. thats not a dumb question, I understand what you meant; some people, like myself do not want to have to rely on medication. I totally understand. I dont think its temporary, given that you lead a healthy lifestyle while on or off of it.
  10. Yea, it'll only take him a minute....
  11. What about intensive care dry skin lotion? Is that comedogenic (sp?)? Cause I have been using it for weeks and I see nothing wrong (Thankfully), and my skin feels healthier and looks healthier too! Let me know if I'm doing the right thing! BTW I have extremely sensitive skin.
  12. thanks to all those who replied (as well as those that considered reading this). Now I know a little more than I did before
  13. hydrocortisone? isnt that what you would use for dry itchy skin?
  14. Hi, im new here and am looking for some help on how to fight this skin disorder but i cant help but notice that there are a lot of abreviation usage going on. For instance, I see the abreviation BP frequently but I dont know what it stands for, anyone care to lend me a hand here? Thanks much.