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  1. So i've had mild to moderately severe acne since I was 7. I'm now 19 years old. I was just prescribed differin cream .1% and minocycline 100mg twice daily. From what I've been reading I'm really creeped out and I'm thinking about going back tomorrow and asking for spirolactone. It would help with my excessive hair growth...blah. But I'm worried because it said it can mess with antidepressants. When I mentioned it today(to my school's physcian) he said that spirolactone would only be used as a l
  2. do all forms of tazorac have that peeling agent? Because I was just on like "clyndamicin phosphate" .1% and I just got that from my physician like 2 and half years ago...and I was told then and now by my derma doc...that it is just an antibiotic...? So yeah I'm not on Retin-A micro as well as the clyndamiacin gel...
  3. K well I went to an actual derm doc today. She prescribed me retin-a micro for my pores and blackheads...yick they are nasty. She's keeping me on my Clyndamycin(sorry for spelling) for my pustules. She also said that micro-dermabrasion wouldn't help my scarring or acne...but I'm wondering if I shouldn't still just try it...for say...my really red cheeks...idk...does anyone know if microdermabrasion will help with my skin as far as color? I have like rosecea(sorry again for sp) stuff on my cheeks
  4. K well I've been on Tazorac since Mar. of my 8th grade year. I will be starting my Junior year this fall. I had moderate acne. I finally gave in and saw a doc when I saw people with 2 zits going to a doc. Well I didn't realize how bad my acne was until it started disappearing. My only problem now is I have zits still and my face looks like raw meat. I'm not sure if the stuff has stopped working or what but I was hoping to go in for microdermabrasion b/c all the girls I go to school with don't ne