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  1. Hey this is zitro, I'm really over acne even though I still have it in a milder form. However, I can't forget the pain that it caused me and the chain reaction it caused that led me to a mild/moderate depression that lasted a couple of years. This is part 1 of the 9-10 minute long song I'm currently working on. I'm not an experienced musician, suck at singing, and did it all by myself. Hopefully, the feelings of pain, frustration and despair partly resulted by acne can form from a little keyboa
  2. I have a 77/77 creature that tramples I used to play that game non-stop, I still have my decks.
  3. Be very funny without making the humour appear forced. After a short while, tease guys light-heartedly, many (including me) love that stuff. Afterwards, give a nice smile every once in a while. Appear confident and happy also. Continue until he asks you out
  4. I think trying to learn how to cope with acne emotionally and develop the right attittude that would stop it from being controlling would make a higher priority. I'm not advocating that you end the relationship, but if you feel like you can't handle it, don't feel guilty. Once you can accept your skin, relationships are less stressing and more rewarding.
  5. I could say I've had a quite stressful week with things such as starting an awfully busy university semester, catching my dad smoking when I always thought he quit, and some social life situations. Now, I could say my stress dimmed a bit, but I am sneezing and could get a cold (I rarely get sick, it's usually because of stress) and I got 2 zits (one being a small cyst) in my lip just when I'm having a very promising date tomorrow. Stress can be good for reacting in situations, but if you let
  6. What the hell is wrong with you? Don't you see that this is a support forum!? You can't just go call someone a bitch after she expressed grief over a certain situation. xmistakex, maybe you aren't ready to be in a relationship at this moment. If you could work on how to deal with acne and not let it influence your life, a relationship will be surely be less stressful. I'm disappointed that he had to use the "wash face" comment, that was pretty dumb.
  7. Well, this year I met a friend I haven't seen in over 2 years. The date was not very exciting as she didn't seem as fun and was shyer than she was when she was younger. Anyways, it made us still talk about be past, and we got back into being friends and chat regularly. As for the look, I'm sure she was a bit surprised since my severe acne was no more. She mentioned a "you look great", but if you meet someone when you had more acne than in the past, I'm sure the old friends wouldn't care since t
  8. Wow, that's one of the best first posts I've ever seen on acne.org, and it really makes me think as I may have lost the opportunities of getting friends/girlfriends for being too shy. Welcome!
  9. When I was depressed, I thought of suicide. However, I never considered doing it; I only fantisized about it. The only thing that was a worry is that I was not afraid to die. I'm very good at Mathematics, Science, and many other subjects. My future will surely be bright and I wouldn't like to lose the opportunity to live my future. Besides, I wouldn't want to give my family a huge depression. Now, I'm afraid of dying. My life has a lot of potential.
  10. IMPORTANT: When you get the Benzoil Peroxide tube, put s small amount of it in her shoulder, chest, back or anywhere covered by clothes. If her skin is remarkably red at that spot the next day, she may be allergic to benzoil Peroxide and if that's the case, don't ever let her use that cream (or anything containing BP). Around 2% of people are allergic to it and from the few friends who have acne, most of them (3) got allergic reactions from it (bad coincidence maybe) Just a simple 1-day test.
  11. mmm, doesn't seem too bad. try the vitamin b5/ benzoil peroxide combo and the diet advice if the dermatologist is no help.
  12. I agree with the effective part as it is easily the easiest way to clear up, but ... Some people can experience permanent side effects or very irritating temporary effects.
  13. If you go to the derm again, ask if he/she recommends a professional who can do facials as in extracting the pimples manually. Just when all hope was lost for me (cystic acne), it basically helped me clear up as 2-10 zits removed per minute in an hour long period is a lot. Beware: can be quite pricy (around $50 per visit), can leave her face quite red for a few days after a facial (avoid seeing the "Monster in Law"), and especially: the procedure can be a bit painful, especially if inflammed zi
  14. oh, I didn't notice the "had" ... Why would you even worry about scars you had and then you fixed? It's not like you committed a sin. Don't tell her since (as others stated) it may show lack of confidence.
  15. Just go to the date man. If you don't know her much, maybe telling her about the scars could show self-esteem issues and most of the time, girls (just as well as guys) get turned on by confidence and high esteem. Unless she is very shallow, she's going to the date because she is interested in you.
  16. Telling her is up to you and based on how strong your bond is but don't say that going out with someone with scars would make one look bad. Scars don't make you an inferior person at all. If your date or her friends see you as inferior because of scars, then something is really wrong. Enjoy the date, man.
  17. What age group? Maybe they are trying to act cool around their friends and are weak self-conscious dudes/girls.
  18. 2 Best friends: #1: he doesn't mention my acne and he has no acne #2: She mentions acne, she has moderate acne.
  19. I wanna get this off of my chest and is related to my experiences of bullying in America It depends. When I moved to the USA, I went to a middle school full of bullying. The second day at school, I was attacked physically by a strong guy I didn't even know. Afterwards, I was bullied a lot and got into a few fights (self-defense) that led me to start taking taekwondo. I remember times where a gang of 5+ blocked a hall and waited for me so that they could beat me up (luckily I avoided that). I wa
  20. I am usually forgiving with people I care though I may let them know when they did/say something that hurt my feelings. Forgiving with stranger and bullies?? no way, you don't want to get in my dark side.
  21. That's great! Being confident is essential for happiness. You've gotta remember that a few zits can't stop you from being pretty (based on your avatar pic) Now smile to the world!
  22. I think I have quite a good personality that was shaped due to mistakes I've done in the past. I am proud of my academic achievements (4.0 GPA so far in college), and I do not believe my current social life hole was my fault at all. Ever since I cleared up, I've learned to be more friendly and charming. Also, I've realized I've becoming much more of a listener, much more honest and it led to many people trusting me. though I know there are things I have to work on like fear of rejection. Overal
  23. I'm so sorry, be strong. I had painful facials to clear up from my cystic acne and everytime I had one, my face looked much worse for a few days following the facials. So, if you are afraid of accutane due to the initial breakout, just think of it as temporary and if necessary, tell the friends who mention the difference that you are taking something to take care of your skin (I let them know to feel less self-conscious after my facials). It can help lower the self-consciousness. If you don't
  24. ... don't attempt it when those friends are males, you might regret it, especially if one of them is her boyfriend.