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  1. i get that too.. my lip is ok, but yeh, under my nose and my smile lines are alwasy red if i move my mouth around..it looks horrible, the only way to hide it is to put blusher carefully around it to disguise it. i use eucerin, though have have oily skin, even round there, but it doesnt make much difference. id really appreciate any help too
  2. i didnt know in the US you had to go through all that! here, you can go to your GP, just ask, then go pick it up...takes 10mins from not being on it, to taking it if you want. or..if you dont like doctors, you can just turn up to a family planning clinic, and they'll put you on it! im on Yasmin too (i didnt need to research, i told my GP it was for birth control, but also to try help my skin, and she suggested it)onn my second month..hasnt done anything for my skin at all...and i swear ive gai
  3. i got the job!! i had one of those cysts that just disappear again..so it was red for the interview, but had dissapeared the day after..musta been the stress! though i have a nasty feeling its going to come back...probly just before i start the job!
  4. gah..my boobs are still the same size on Yasmin..but just had the withdrawl week..it sucked!a week long period!!and..the day after i start on it again, i get a cyst on my chin AND ive gone up a dress size.sooo not happy! and..beautifully broken..i had mild acne, with the occasional non-scarring cyst on my T-zone area..and i dunno about the US, but here you just go to the docs and ask for it.
  5. i dunno..i got mine from Holland and Barrat (was a bitch to find..its not with the other B vitamins lol) but, if you wanna take the amount they recommend on here, its 50 pills a day.its a heck of a lot, these are big fuck off pills too.i saw them, n decided not to go down the B5 route.
  6. i feel your pain (literally) i got a huge one on my chin coming...atm, its just hard and swollen, getting red..but its coverupable for the time.arhgh i want it to hurry up and get it over and done with!ive been putting oxy on the spot and bp on.. will ice help it speed up its forming process? and i have a job interviw tomorrow.NOT good as i rarely get cystic acne.
  7. it doesnt exactly sound like a disorder though..just a description lol like im a highly illogical thinker lol
  8. hmm, firstly..what if you have to take supplements for other things?? and also..when did your acne start? because if it wasin your teens, well, at 31, shouldnt your acne be naturally clearing itself anyway?im a wee bit cynical i have to say.
  9. i take yakult, yes, everyday..have done for a while. no, they dont make the slightest bit of difference, except in the shopping bill.expensive fuckers.
  10. fuck off you moron.thats bulimia, not anorexia. they kill, theyre not funny.
  11. firstly... i feel bad, because i stare at people with acne too, because i feel bad..i know what its like.and also, it kinda makes me feel better about myself to know there are others with bad acne.but its not good, because mostly, i dont have acne anymore.i just look like a bitch staring.and also, i know it means anyone insecure with their skin, is looking and examining my skin too, to make themselves feel better. also...i do this with girls stomachs, and general bodies.i feel like a lesbian so
  12. i totally agree with this..i hang out pretty much only with guys..and i dunno..mebe its cus theyre all goths, so a bit effeminate..but yeah, they bitch about girls all the time..its no wonder im so insecure, the way they talk about girls being ugly because of their big legs or small tits...grrr! but yup, i think its easier for guys to get away with acne..in fact, i find it quite cute, and makes me fel about a billion times more secure!! plus, most of my friends/boyfriends wear make-up too
  13. im really not expecting any response to this one, cus its difficult, my doctor doesnt even know. basically, i have REALLY oily skin, i dont get many outbreaks, the ones i do get are just caused because of the oilyness.im sure this has something to do with the fact that i cant digest food properly....during the day, my stomach swells so i look pregnant, and its solid..(ie not squishy like fat).im sure that its the way in which i metabolise food or something, thats affecting the sebum production.
  14. um..which ones are these?can you post pics?
  15. ive tried some of those products..i found they did nothing whatsoever, though havent tried the moisturiser.
  16. its only supposed to make you gain weight through fluid retention...bt i have to say, a month in and i havent gained any weight.. but jeez is it making me feel ill..i just started my weeks break and have had pain constantly for the past few days, thats actually made me ill, worse than ive ever had. grrr...its either pain, weight gain or bad skin.i HATE being female.
  17. lol, glad its not just me *got laughed at when i suggested it was eucerin that broke me out* however, i use less of it now, and my face seems to haver got used to it, so im still using it, and happier with it.
  18. i didnt until i had been on it 1/2weeks...i nearly didnt evenm moisturise in the first few days, because my skin was still so oily. i never got very red or flaky where i was putting bp, but around my mouth, and by my eyebrows *random* where i wasnt even applying it.so watch out.but i use it now with no moisturiser, because my skins so oily i find i just dont need it, and arent red or flaky or anything. just keep moisturising loads for the first few months.
  19. just gotta say..i LOVE this website and the board! lol, i post now and then if i can help with something, or if i have a problem of my own.. but even though most of the posts are simply asking for advice *with the occasional advice giving post thrown in* its so great just to read through, because so many people have the same problems as you... it a) makes you feel a million times better to feel like youre not alone and b) often means you get great feedback and help from people who have suffered
  20. um..well, i am and i havent died yet. what more do you want?you can.
  21. thats the same as me..im just in recovery now, and have suddenly put on nearly 40lb, so feel enormous anyway...ive only been on Yasmin a week and a half, and havent put on any more weight so thats good, but i was hoping it would help more with my usual water retention problems, but im just about the same.
  22. i just started Yasmin a week ago, though i havent been on a BCP before. i have broken out fairly badly, the first time in ages...but i dont know whether thats because at the same time, i stopped using BP, and started the dipping regime (i felt too reliant on bp) so i dont know if it was the pill, or the lack of bp. good luck with it though.
  23. personally, i stay away from anything with oil in it..im not sure about the particular oils in that one, but search the bottle/tube, and make sure it either says "oil free", or "non-comedogenic" on it. if it doesnt, chances are, if you have oily skin or suffer from breakouts, that it will clog your pores, leading to breakouts. haah and it REALLY sucks that so many of us are "so bloody knowledgeable", i bet we could write several novels between us about acne...yet we still cant get our own skin
  24. what i use is the 17 range oil control pressed powder (it has a mirror too), and their mattifying ivory foundation (both are not only non-comedogenic but actually are mattifying, lightly medicated and dont make you go orange, which ive had with most, especially powders, that are supposedly "neutral" in colour..yeah, because im naturally bright orange!!) both are fairly cheap for how good they are too i feel. then i use boots botanics concealer because its silky smooth, obviously non-comedogenic