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  1. Hi all, is it ok to get a cortisone shot after popping a cyst? My cyst came to have a small head and i was able to get some fluid out. It still largely remains. I dont want to irritate it too much... Thanks!
  2. That's awesome...great to hear that. I'm currently taking Spiro to keep my skin tame after being on Accutane a couple years ago. My skin, for the past 5 years, never did cease to break out during the hot summer months- so I'm hoping Spiro will help.
  3. this is the worst makeup for acne prone skin... from personal experience and from friends.
  4. I've been off accutane almost a year now- and things were going great up until about a couple months ago. Not anywhere as bad as before, but still, worse. I don't want it to get out of hand. Went on Doryx for a month, worked out, went off, got bad. I'm starting to just go back on it again. but what's a good oral medicine to take besides Doryx (it's expensive)? Side note: I'm using Differin & Retin A on my face too.... Thanks all.
  5. I ditched a lot of classes because my skin went through a horrid stage before and during accutane. It also caused me a lot of stress...and lack of sleep believe it or not. I'd have to wake up super early to get ready for school because sometimes it'd take me 2 hours to get ready believe it or not!
  6. Never tried it... but I love their powders. Their compacts next to the powders are good. I'd recommend those instead of their foundations.
  7. I worn contacts for a good 7 years of my life and never had serious problems with them until now. Which also happens to be the most recent check up I've had since starting accutane (I've been off it 5 months or so). I have been diagnoised with "Corneal staining" which happens from not cleaning your contacts properly, or from a very, very dry eye. I have always had eyes on the dry side, and I noticed that accurante did not help it at all, and wearing contacts for 12+ hrs a day I'm sure did not he
  8. Yes I think it's too much personally and I don't like to use makeup with with "BP" and "Salyic acid" already in it.....but everyone's skin is different...
  9. if I've learned anything..... it's LESS MAKE UP LESS MAKEUP.... more makeup is only going to magnify everything instead of covering it up. It may take some getting used to at first but it'll look sooo much better after a couple hours instead of looking cakey. Opt for a light tinted moisturizer (I like Revlon's colorstay in a tube & MAC's tinted moisturizer) and Almay loose powder.
  10. dang. I know the feeling. the best thing to get you through this, which isn't going to cure the problem necessarily but will make it more bearable..... exfoliate gently day and night with a little scrubber and dab on WELEDA (found at natural whole food stores) on the pimples.....
  11. -Dust power on your eyelids and just below so mascara & eyeliner stays tame. It helps to fight the oilies also. -Make sure your makeup matches with your neck color! -Don't touch your face by any means... if you have an itch, itch with a tissue! -Don't go overboard on the eye makeup or lip makeup... emphasize one or the other... -Moisturize day and night. -Don't forget to combat the oilies (with light poweder or blotting sheets) -Don't overuse salyic acid or BP because that will only
  12. I looovve Benefit's packaging.
  13. I've been seeing this guy (who I think has very nice skin) for about 4 months... we have a strong emotional bond and are able to be open about life etc etc! I have been able to talk to him about SO many things... except my battle with acne. (BTW- I am on my last month of accutane, and I'm feeling goood) We were talking tonight, and I brought up the fact that I hate my skin and I have to see a derm every month.... and I asked if he knew what Accutane was. I was a little hesistant, but he replied
  14. I actually like CoverGirl's blushes a lot. I think they're especially good for the cheap price you pay for them in comparison to how good they look. It's cool they're so cheap because you can switch up for look. I've paid for expensive blushes like Nars, which look realllly nice, but I'm not willing to shell out $30 for blush all the time!
  15. Yeah, it will most likely leave a scar if you ger a mole removed.... I really guess it depends where and how big though.... of course ask the derm but I had a mole on my nose, about the size of this: "o" on the upper side of my nose. I got it "removed" when I was younger, ha- because my mom wanted me to?! When it was "removed" it wasn't 100% taken away, but after it was lighter and a bit smaller in size, and less noticeable. anyways, I think moles can be very endearing, why don't you like 'em