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  1. Ok, so normally, you wash your face, wait, apply bp...wait and then apply the self tanning moisturizer? I wonder if you don't use the self tanning moisturizer every day....if the BP will fade the tanner (esp. in the spots where you use the most BP)? Did you ever have a problem with the self tanner sweating off or getting on clothes? Thanks! I have used quite a few sunless tanning products while using BP, and though I never used Jergens, I would assume it would be OK...at least for me. Jer
  2. I have a few questions for people that have actually tried Jergens Natural Glow (moisturizer with self tanner) on the regimen. I am not looking for opinions of those who haven't. I know the stuff tans and gives good color, I have seen it. But my question is, does this tan last while on the regimen? Does washing the face often and using so much BP make it spotty and come off? Also does the tan come off as you sweet? I am just curious about using it, but didn't know if anyone had. I didn't
  3. I don't believe this. If something only made you 80 % clear, eventually you would stop buying it. If something clears you completely, you would keep buying it, so that is there goal, it just never happens.
  4. Sunscreen has not been proven to prevent skin cancer and a larger concern is reducing the oiliness. I'm not out in the sun enough to worry about the possibility of skin cancer. Just wanted to know if anyone has used aloe vera gel long term? ←
  5. Are there any tips I should know before starting this stuff? Some people have said just start off using it every other night? Can I put it around my eyes? Can I put it on my neck? Any tips/advice would be appreciated!
  6. That what I don't like about the regimen. Sometimes I want to grow out my facial hair, and you just can't do that on the regimen. If I am on the regimen for a while in the future....I guess I can never have facial hair! Does anyone have it while on the regimen?
  7. Ok, I found this to answer my own question on about.com ....its is a salicylic acid, so I guess it shouldn't be used on the regimen. But I also found this section comparing Beta Hydroxy, and Alpha Hydroxy, and it seems like for whiteheads we should be using beta instead of alpha...but only according to about.com "There is only one beta hydroxy acid - salicylic acid. The main difference between alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid is their lipid (oil) solubility. Alpha hydroxy acids are w
  8. At the store I saw an Olay Cleanser that says it contains Beta Hydroxy in it. Does anyone know what this is/does? Would it be a good cleanser to use in the Regimen, or is it not gentle enough? Just curious.