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    I can't wait till the day this IS ALL OVER.
  1. Hi, I received the wrong item. My invoice # is 190580. I was supposed to receive the 8oz bp treatment. Instead I received the 16 oz cleanser. Please get back to me to let me know how the situation is going to be taken care of. Thanks,
  2. Hi, I ordered the bp gel last Friday and I have not received it. Dan can you please check to see what is going on with my order. Thanks,
  3. Does anybody know any stores that sell NIXODERM? I prefer to buy it in a store instead of ebay. Thanks!
  4. Has anybody used lacticare lotion before? Is so, can you please share your experiences with it? Is lacticare lotion effective at fading post acne marks without breaking the skin out? Thanks!
  5. Does anybody know some good face moisturizers for dry, flaky, sensitive skin that doesn't cause break-outs? I'm currently using Complex 15, but I'm going to stop because it's breaking me out.
  6. Has anybody used this product? How did it affect your skin? Also, what is your skin type?
  7. For those that are taking msm supplements what is the dosage of mg a person should get daily? Did you see msm improve or worsen your skin? Thanks in advance!
  8. Has anybody used this? If SO, how did you like or didn't like it for your skin?
  9. For those that have used the walgreens alpha hydroxy cream and walgreens alpha hydroxy lotion which one is better at fading your acne marks left behind, evening your skin tone, and clearing your skin. Did you experience purging when you first started using it? If so, how long did the purging last? Thanks in advance!
  10. Has anybody seen their skin tone even out using FRUIT OF THE EARTH ALOE VERA GEL? Did it make your acne dissappear, get worse, or had no effect on your acne?
  11. TALDER


    ulta 3 sells alpha hydroxy enhanced lotion. That's where I brought mine!
  12. Has anybody tried this? If so, how was the coverage? Does it make you look orangeish after you put it on? Was your face shiny?
  13. I don't find acne attractive at all. Society makes it worse....that it is looked at as UGLY!
  14. My mom does that too me all the time. You think she would have sympathy for me. No. ........she doesn't. She doesn't even give me time to try products out before saying when is your skin going to get better. She also has this annoying habit of walking up to me and saying "LET ME SEE YOUR FACE!" That pisses me off so bad! I always get an attitude with her and turn my head so she can't see my face.
  15. I feel sorry for the twin who has acne because she has no support from her sister. You think her sister would be there for because she's family.