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  1. accutane is the shyt made my face normal again and im two months off 6 month course but mine went away about two months or so in.
  2. iv been off accutane about 2 months skin is returning to a normal persons skin not oily like it used to get after being out all night or whatever. i only use clearsil gentle face wash once a day nothing else face is fine ; ) also the drness is going away so i only have to moisturize a couple spots that r still falky a little from accutane and dry after a shower but thats it. gl
  3. well skin is like a normal person now all my flaky skin is about gone so i dont have to moisturize my face all over after i get out of the shower. all i do is wash my face once i day with clearisil gentle face wash when i take showeers i just use water. diff no crappy topicals i think that stuff makes ur face worse. but its cool its not greasy and not flaky like when ur on accuatne its so dry u have to moisturize or it looks like uv been in teh sun to long and ur peeling lol, but now my lips r
  4. i drank likenormal on accutane iv been off for almost two months skin is like a normal persons.. oh ya when u stop accutane just wash ur face once or twice a day with a gentle cleanser. no freakin topicals!! i just was h mine with teh cleanser whenver i go to sleep when i take showes i just wash it with water.
  5. wow what a miracle drug! my lips haev elready almost returned to normal,meaning i dont have to put aqupher on them all the time ; ) my skin is not dry as it was not shedding or flaking like it does whne uv been on accutane for 6 months..i still put moistuizer on though because its dry in some spots a little still.. but ya its awsome my skin is like a normal persons now. i wash my face once i day with clearsil light face wash. then in the mornings i just use the water in theshower on my face. n
  6. ya i havent been here in awhile but yesterday was my last pill. 6 months on 40 mgs a day. for last three months my face has been like a normal pesons never getting a zit rarely but the tiny occasional one that goes away in a day. and thats only been like 3 times in 3 months or less!! its so awsome. but ill come back very once in awhile to let you guys know how long it lasts. oh ya i drank liek a normally did when i wasent on accutane and i was fine. only side affects r dry lips and skin for me.
  7. sup guys well just dropped in to say hi i havent been on here in months, because iv been clear cuse of accutane. i have about 23 pills left of my 6 month course. kinda worried about it coming back but im 23 so they say the older u are the less chance it will!! but ya its the best drug ever, i will never touch any of that bs cream or antibiotcs again only accutane! just updating u guys, well gl all peace!
  8. well iv been on accutane 5 months and were going to cancun in march and i diff want to get a tane. if i only go for 5 minutes will it be ok like 2 times a week or something? if i dont ill be to white and burn like crazy plus being to white looks sucky. lol.
  9. i thought it shrunk them permantly or something ?
  10. ya that will suck if it comes back. but it might not im older and mine was never severe. bad enough for accutane though. oo i will be pissed if it does. oh well ill just do accutane again i guess if it does.
  11. hey guys what going on i havent been around much anymore thanks to accutane. not one spot in over a week only some marks left no active acne. yayy. ya im turnin back into my old self been out havin fun, with friends and girls hehe. i have more energy and always feel like going out and doin somethin now. confidence is back, and all that good shyt. damn im 23 guess its time this shyt go away eh. i got a ipod with a 60 gb harddrive and 19 inch dell montoir flat screen dsl or whtever its called an
  12. im 23 first course 40 mgs a day. the last few weeks acne has stopped appearing red marks are going away its awesome. the last week not one mark has come up on my face at all so right now no active acne at all only some marks left that are not to bad ; ) no side affects at all accept dry skin.
  13. well guys it hasen't seemed like that long but its been 4 months. face is clear now just one little one thats going away. acnes has stopped forming slowly but surley during the last month or so they stopped appearing less frequently. now only a few red marks left and tehir not bad slowlly fadinga way. and i still have two moths left. no side affects cept for dry lips thats about it. its been good been going out partying and hanging out with freinds again havent been home at all its nice not h
  14. ya dude you can have your face fixed up if you have enough money. plastic surgery or whatever and they can get all that stuff off your skin.
  15. woke up today and looked in the mirrior and no acne on my face. its so awsome clearest iv been in sooooooo long i only have 1 tiny on thats healing thats almost gone. whats so awsome is normally there is new shit popping up almost everyday everytime u want to go out and do something the next day bam theres a horrible one! going out this weekend friday u wake up with 3 huge ones! i was started to get pissed that it might not be working but the longer i go the less breakouts i get and finally u ge