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  1. I tried it didin't work! Neither did proactiv. And I had moderate acne. Don't use this product.
  2. You need a moisturizer try neutrogena Healthy skin face lotion, and apply to that area or whatever area that's affected.
  3. Nope, sorry never heard of it. You should try Neutrogena's Facial Cleanser/Mask that has benzoyl peroxide in it! It works beautifully trust me, and it soaks up excess oil!!!
  4. *Wash your skin 2-3 times a day. Washing more than that can cause actual excess oil production. * Wash problem skin in the shower with cleansers or acne washes. Open pores, steams out toxins, and helps get the medicine in. *Use a light moisturizer so skin doesn't become overly dry and oily. *Blot excess oil on your skin with blotching pads.
  5. but you just said there bp gel isnt that good.. lol either way its still really inexpensive already IMO okay, here it is BP gel is oustanding. I don't feel anything should be changed about it, and that's including the price. Dan really cares about people, and helping them obtain clear and beautiful looking skin. Don't fix anything if it ain't broken, and stop complaining.
  6. i totally agree!!! it worked for me in 8th grade then it ruined my skin a few months after using it! it made me really depressed. a few months ago i went back to it and my skin didn't get better it just got worse and DRY! i don't kno how they bribed jessica simpson and p diddy to do those comercials but i doubt it actually worked for them! ←
  7. I heard a lot of people are trying this to fade the red acne marks that get left on your face after your acne is gone? I was considering getting this done. Does anyone know if this really works?