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  1. yup, its getting late guys if you need me for anything contact me via my email [email protected] nite
  2. No i dont really with me being a student its hard to find time lol
  3. quite simple really: 1.make sure your face is clean wash only with water 2.apply a dab on panoxyal 10% in your hand and a dab of the Neutrogena Visbly clear and mix till both creams are blended in with each other. 3. apply to problem areas by rubbing them untill you cannot see the cream anymore. 4.leave on face for 2 to 3 days tops but if you have a shower or bath and you wash ur face only wash it with water. 5.apply again if you feel you need to do so. About 2 days ago my nostrials were quite
  4. Well thats hard to say because the only people that have tested the stuff is myself and my little brother and its clearing us up really well and my skin changed like the wind from greasy to dry and it did not help with my skin being very sensitve to products like yours. Give mine a shot cuz the more people that try it the more we will understand if it is working on diffrent skin types
  5. i think you might be thinking of somthing else, try that combo and see what the results are woo!
  6. I do alittle but since ive been using this stuff they have been fading to what i think is alot faster because my theroy is that the Neutrogena takes alot of the redness out of the skin and the panoxyal stuff clears the bad skin cells away or somthing on those lines lol. its really late and the ramblings of a tired and over worked student does not really sound that good lol nite all
  7. here is a link to what the netrogena looks like http://www.boots.com/shop/product_enlarge....0&imageid=1
  8. ive got a picture that i can upload but its not letting me upload it noooooooooooo ill try tomorrow
  9. Hey there the two products that I use are called panoxyl acnegel 10% and Neutrogena visibly clear rapid clear treatment. All you need is a blob of the panoxyl and a blob of the neutrogena stuff mix it together and apply to the problem areas, its great because it lasts upto 3 days with one applaction and there really is no need to wash your face only when you get in the shower or the bath and its only washed with water. Yes ive not really washed my face in a week only when ive been in the showe
  10. Hey there guys over the past few years ive been sufering with acne as you can tell by my pics in my profile. but ive been using these 2 products together and i can say that its worked for me. Ive been expermenting with diffrent products and combing different creams etc.. but ive found one that is the best!!All i did was apply a small amount of both products mix them together and apply to my face. Then over 1 to 2 days ance has gone down quite fast. put it this way oncve you have applied this stu
  11. Im just wondering in Big brother you NEVER see any one with acne of any condition. If there was a person in the Big brother house would you vote for them to win?? The person with acne has a great personailty but has acne im talkin body acne face acne you name hes/shes got it. So would any one vote from him/her to win???? Cuz I would But What would you be like if they were the first ones to be evicted from the house????
  12. Hey there im just wondering if i should go on accutane? Have alook at my album and judge for youselfs??? I think it would be alot easier for me too but i need to know if it is a little extreame Im currently on mino, using panoyxal 10%, Nicam gel 4% (just started to using it)
  13. ooo ill have to try that , do you have to apply mostiruser while using nicam?