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  1. i'm wondering how it would be if i use: 1) cleanser 2)SA 3) BP or MORNING 1)cleanser 2)SA NIGHT 1)cleanser 2)BP what do you guys think?
  2. I was just searching over the net about acne research and I came across this one. I thought I might just share it to everyone here and discuss this. It's from a medical journal and not just anecdotal results so I guess it's very reliable. What I understood is benzoyl peroxide, metronidazole and benzoyl peroxide - clindamycin combination is superior to just benzoyl peroxide alone. Source: Jain VK, Chopra KL, Dayal S. Comparative evaluation of topical benzoyl peroxide, metronidazole and benzoy
  3. thanks wynne! sorry but another thing, can we ice it a couple of times everyday until it all goes down? And only stop when the skin looks terrible from the icing?
  4. just a question... does the icing have to be done only during the first 24 hours when you see the inflamed pimple?
  5. hi question... isn't wheat and gluten also bad for the skin?
  6. I have been doing the regimen strictly for my 3rd year now. However, there are still months that I have a breakout. This is not a breakout that's just a small pimple. These are red, painful and deep pimples that can't be ignored. This is why I think Diet is still important to maintain a clear skin. For the past 2 months straight I had been clear from acne. But after thinking that I've finally grown out of acne (and this always happens), I slack of with my diet. I eat a lot of sugary stuff, pizza
  7. that's weird. i used to eat really healthy too and it was the time my acne was the worst. now i eat some simple sugar and rice. my skin is doing a lot better. oh yeah, when I was eating healthy food I was a little down and gloomy. maybe because it's the acne plus no source of happy food (foods w/ sugar)
  8. i will try that as soon as I find what you're talking about. thanks for the reply. That would help prevent future breakouts but my problem is really scratching the the pimples that are already there. i'm not sure if a glove would prevent it from getting even worse as little inflamed ones will still hurt even with a glove.
  9. sometimes icing and ibuprofren just won't make some of my acne go away. so I'm forced to go to the derm. She removes, what she calls the "eye" of the pimple and injects some steroid to ease the inflammation since the spot is so battered from all the extracting she did. I'm just wondering if the steroid she's injecting is similar to hydrocortisone which when applied to the skin often will result in side effects? I'm afraid because it's almost every week i get some acne removed with that procedure
  10. i had one of these but the whiteheads are deep inside. I had no other choice but bring it to a dermatologist because icing/bp just won't do anything.
  11. i have problems scratching my face while sleeping = Huge acne.
  12. Hi guys I have some questions: Why can't we directly put the ice cube to the cyst? I have a cyst now which is still underneath the skin. I'm going to ice this thing as soon as I can get an appointment to the doctor to inject cortisone on it to finally end it. Do you guys think the cortisone shot is still best? I just hope the needle can get deep inside the skin and reach the cyst underneath. Thanks
  13. alright thanks karatekid. crap means all junk food like chips, cake, chocolate bars?
  14. I've been seeing a lot of fruit chips in the market lately and I'm wondering if this is okay for a snack? I looked up the ingredients and it just said *name of fruit* and vegetable oil. I know fresh fruits are still the best but will eating dried fruit snacks do harm? thanks
  15. wow i've been doing this exfoliating method for about 2 weeks already and i can say that it really made a difference! thanks so much. i just have a couple of questions.. 1. Do you wash the brush every so often? With soap or just water? 2. Do you need to replace the brush with a new one after a while? thanks!!